• Santa & Cole Lighting: Spotlight on Design Event

    Santa & Cole Lighting: Spotlight on Design Event

    An impromptu exhibition of various Santa & Cole lighting designs - table, floor, and suspension lamps representing both classics and recently introduced pieces - was installed in anticipation of Switch Modern's Spotlight on Design event at our Atlanta showroom on June 1. Roy Otwell (center), Co-Owner, Switch Modern, enjoys a laugh and greets the group from Santa & Cole...
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  • Jaime Hayon + Nani Marquina Rugs

    Jaime Hayon + Nani Marquina Rugs

    Presented recently at Milan's Salone del Mobile, the Hayon x Nani collection features four rugs designed by Jaime Hayon for Nani Marquina - each example is a hand-tufted composition of the artist's popular mythical iconography that includes lips, hands, stools, turtles, fish and hybrids of humans and birds. Left photo: Hayon x Nani runner version. Right photo: The artist...
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  • CVL Lighting Constellation

    CVL Lighting Constellation

    Constellation, Emile Cathelineau, CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract, France. Illustrated (left) as a wall installation that includes six elements. Each Constellation modular element includes asymmetrical "arms" that emanate from a central "hub" and culminate in six integrated diffusers - three face outward; three are oriented inward. Constellation can be used singly as a sconce or combined with like...
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  • Oluce Atollo Lamp: A Design Icon at 40

    Oluce Atollo Lamp: A Design Icon at 40

    Atollo lamp Vico Magistretti, Oluce, 1977. This design icon is celebrating 40 years of continuous production. This photo illustrates the three available sizes of the Atollo lamp as well as three of its finishes - brushed gold along with black or white in glossy finishes. Since its introduction in 1977, Vico Magistretti's Atollo lamp has become an icon of...
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  • Moooi Heracleum Light

    Moooi Heracleum Light

    This remarkable lighting design is truly an example of the intersection of technology and art. Designed by Bertjan Pot in 2010, the Heracleum lamp has quickly become one of the most popular suspension lamps that Switch Modern shows. According to the lamp's designer, "I had this idea of where a bundle of stick-like branches are split then split again...
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  • David Trubridge Navicula Light

    David Trubridge Navicula Light

    The Navicula light, like so many of David Trubridge's lighting designs, was inspired by a form that occurs in nature. Here, the designer's muse was the diatomic boat-shaped algae also known as navicula - quite literally from the Latin meaning "small ship." Microscopic detail of navicula algae. The Navicula lamp's namesake is a critical part of...
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  • Giorgetti Move Chair + Hug Chair

    Giorgetti Move Chair + Hug Chair

    Referring to her Move chair design for Giorgetti, Rosella Pugliatti notes, "Its design doesn't simulate nature but interprets it. The idea behind Move is in the organic shapes that wood takes in nature and in the study of geometry in the dynamics of solid bodies." Introduced in 2014, Giorgetti's Move rocking armchair is expertly crafted from thirty pieces of...
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  • Moooi Shift Chair

    Moooi Shift Chair

    Shift, lounge chair, Jonas Forsman, Moooi, Netherlands. With Shift, the designer celebrates the time-honored foldable function with engaging new aesthetics and heightened comfort. Illustrated in the warm ochre and blue gray colorways. Designed by Jonas Forsman, the Moooi Shift chair and Shift lounge chair challenge preconceived notions of how a folding chair can look. Most of us think of...
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  • Neri & Hu

    Neri & Hu

    Neri & Hu refers to the Shangahi-based interdisciplinary architectural husband and wife design team of Lyndon Neri and Rosanna Hu. The duo met in 2002 while they were working for the late American architect Michael Graves on his renovation of Shanghai's landmark Three on the Bund project. Within a year, they had established Design Republic - a...
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  • Bensen Sleeper Sofa

    Bensen Sleeper Sofa

    The Bensen Sleeper Sofa designed by Niels Bendtsen is not your ordinary "sofa bed." What we love about this piece is that it's simply a great-looking minimalist, low-profile sofa design with clean lines and tailored details. With a form that effortlessly blends within any interior, Bensen's Sleeper sofa functions beautifully for sitting and relaxing yet easily converts...
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  • We Remain "Blown Away"

    We Remain "Blown Away"

    Swedish design collective, Front, metaphorically "blew us away" with their Blow Away vase for Moooi, Netherlands, that expertly marries the centuries old tradition of Delftware (white and blue tin-glazed Dutch earthenware) with 21st century technology to enable its remarkable form. Front approached its Blow Away design by converting the physical form...
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  • CVL Luminaires Calée: Luxe Illumination from France

    CVL Luminaires Calée: Luxe Illumination from France

    Calée is an engaging and luxe collection of lighting from French manufacturer CVL Luminaires Contract that was recently designed by Duo Pool, the Paris-based creative studio of Léa Padovani and Sébastien Kieffer. The Calée Collection includes several lighting typologies - table, floor, as well as pendant and wall sconce versions. Each of...
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  • Jacopo Foggini's Surreal Ines Lamp for Edra

    Jacopo Foggini's Surreal Ines Lamp for Edra

    Artist Jacopo Foggini has collaborated with Italian manufacturer Edra over the past few years to create several chair designs that push the limits of manipulating polycarbonate - the results create profoundly engaging new aesthetics that blur industrial design and fine art. We are absolutely smitten with his recent, fabulously surreal Ines floor lamp design. As Foggini remarked...
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