Riva 1920 Venice Console

Riva 1920 Venice Console Briccola Claudio Bellini

Venice console, Claudio Bellini, Riva 1920, Italy, 2011; composed of briccole (Venetian oak pylons) and polished stainless steel.

Riva 1920 Venice Console Briccola Claudio Bellini - Briccola in Venice Lagoon

Briccole are cylindrical oak wood pylons that are staked into the Venice lagoon that are used as guideposts to reveal the waterways and tides for vessels. The average life for each briccola is 10 to 20 years after which they need to be replaced.  While submerged, the oak wood becomes a natural habitat for flora and fauna let alone the erosive power of the salt water.  The Venice lagoon is home to a variety of "shipworms" - these long mollusks burrow through the wood, leaving a plethora of engaging round holes.  Water, weather, and mollusks all ultimately create a fabulously unique aesthetic that caught the attention of Italian manufacturer Riva 1920.  33 designers were invited by Riva 1920 to repurpose these briccole - the various designs form an exciting collection of home furnishings that celebrates Venice.

Riva 1920 Venice Console Briccola Claudio Bellini

With his Venice console, Claudio Bellini creates a visual metaphor of the briccole in the water where the post forms act as support columns for a horizontal sheet of polished stainless steel or glass that connotes the surface of the water.

Riva 1920 Venice Console Briccola Detail Claudio Bellini

The juxtaposition of stainless steel and the distressed nature of the repurposed oak pylons is just extraordinary.  With the stainless version of the Venice console, the upper portions of the posts are reflected in the highly polished surface.

Riva 1920 Venice Console Briccola Line Drawing Claudio Bellini

Venice console, line drawing illustrating the 98.4"width (6 pylon) version in profile and aerial views.  The Venice console is available in three widths - 49.2" (includes 4 pylons), 70.9" (5 pylons), and 98.4" (6 pylons as illustrated in the above line drawing).  Each of these sizes is available with a choice of surface - polished stainless steel, as well as clear or smoke glass.

Riva 1920 Venice Console 5 Pylon Clear Glass Claudio Bellini

While the stainless version reflects the briccole in extraordinary ways, the glass version illustrated here allows the viewer to literally see through the surface.

Riva 1920 Venice Console Briccola Claudio Bellini - Atlanta Installation

A recent Atlanta installation of the Venice console with 5 pylons and polished stainless steel surface.  The juxtaposition of the owner's fabulous textile art hanging above the console is remarkable.

For more information about the Venice console or other Riva 1920 pieces where designers have employed the incredibly beautiful aesthetics associated with the Venetian briccole, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com.

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