• And The Beat (Light)... Goes On

    And The Beat (Light)... Goes On

    Tom Dixon's now classic Beat Light Series has two new additions - Beat Waist and Beat Flat. Introduced in 2016, these new diffuser shapes (shown in the right side photo flanking Beat Stout) complement the original designs that include Beat Fat, Beat Stout, Beat Wide, and Beat Tall. Left side photo: Line drawings of various types of domes used...
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  • BD Barcelona: Sideboard or Sculpture... Perhaps Both

    BD Barcelona: Sideboard or Sculpture... Perhaps Both

    Dreams cabinet, Christian Zuzunaga, BD Barcelona, Spain, 2015. The recent arrival of Christian Zuzunaga's Dreams credenza at Switch Modern's Atlanta showroom has been a visual catalyst for prompting a number of conversations about what actually constitutes concealed storage and what functions as sculpture... are these sentiments mutually exclusive? We think not. What is a sideboard? Historically, its function has...
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  • Bensen Delta Sofa

    Bensen Delta Sofa

    Designed by Niels Bendtsen in 2017, the Delta sofa features smooth surfaces and soft, down-filled cushions. The Delta sofa is available in three different widths - 68.9", 82.7", and 96.5" - the largest size is illustrated here. A fresh and super comfortable addition to Bensen's range of seating that visually exudes softness. Delta's comfort is achieved through multi-layer seat cushions...
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  • Bensen Endless Sectional Seating

    Bensen Endless Sectional Seating

    Bensen's Endless sectional and sofa seating designed by Niels Bendtsen truly lives up to its name! Endless is a modular seating system with seemingly an infinite number of possible configurations. This Endless sectional configuration viewed aerially illustrates how several different components can be combined. From left to right - a terminal element in standard depth, inwardly curved element...
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  • Bensen Sleeper Sofa

    Bensen Sleeper Sofa

    The Bensen Sleeper Sofa designed by Niels Bendtsen is not your ordinary "sofa bed." What we love about this piece is that it's simply a great-looking minimalist, low-profile sofa design with clean lines and tailored details. With a form that effortlessly blends within any interior, Bensen's Sleeper sofa functions beautifully for sitting and relaxing yet easily converts...
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  • Bocci 22: Outlet Aesthetics

    Bocci 22: Outlet Aesthetics

    As part of celebrating its 20th anniversary in October 2022, we thought that it would be fun to share a select group of brands, objects, and moments over the past twenty years that have punctuated Switch Modern's history - from a single brand in 2002 to now over 70 brands representing hundreds of award-winning designers.
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  • Curves, Curves, Curves... New From Wittmann in 2019

    Curves, Curves, Curves... New From Wittmann in 2019

    Austria's Wittmann recently introduced several new seating designs at the 2019 Cologne Furniture Fair - several new Vuelta Collection pieces from Jaime Hayon and Sebastian Herkner's Miles range of seating. Vuelta Sofa Lounge, (frontal, aerial, detail views), Jaime Hayon, Wittmann, Austria, 2018. With its generous curves and expansive seating planes, Jaime Hayon's Vuelta Sofa Lounge and Vuelta Sofa Lounge Island...
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  • CVL Lighting - Earth Wall Sconces

    CVL Lighting - Earth Wall Sconces

    Sun wall sconce, Émilie Cathelineau, CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract, France. Part of the designer's Earth collection that features six new wall sconce designs. Illustrated here is the Sun version with an engaging pattern of radiating linear perforations - each in varying lengths and culminating in a circle of varying diameters. The Earth wall sconce collection from CVL...
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  • CVL Lighting Constellation

    CVL Lighting Constellation

    Constellation, Emile Cathelineau, CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract, France. Illustrated (left) as a wall installation that includes six elements. Each Constellation modular element includes asymmetrical "arms" that emanate from a central "hub" and culminate in six integrated diffusers - three face outward; three are oriented inward. Constellation can be used singly as a sconce or combined with like...
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  • CVL Luminaires Calée: Luxe Illumination from France

    CVL Luminaires Calée: Luxe Illumination from France

    Calée is an engaging and luxe collection of lighting from French manufacturer CVL Luminaires Contract that was recently designed by Duo Pool, the Paris-based creative studio of Léa Padovani and Sébastien Kieffer. The Calée Collection includes several lighting typologies - table, floor, as well as pendant and wall sconce versions. Each of...
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  • David Trubridge Navicula Light

    David Trubridge Navicula Light

    The Navicula light, like so many of David Trubridge's lighting designs, was inspired by a form that occurs in nature. Here, the designer's muse was the diatomic boat-shaped algae also known as navicula - quite literally from the Latin meaning "small ship." Microscopic detail of navicula algae. The Navicula lamp's namesake is a critical part of...
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  • Design Icons Exhibition: High Concept Designs of the 1990s

    Design Icons Exhibition: High Concept Designs of the 1990s

    One of the most engaging vignettes within Switch Modern's exhibition, Design Icons of the 20th Century: Included in Museums Around the World, is the last one that explores design in the 1990s - these were often high-concept; many having been informed by new materials and technologies. Here are six designs from this Design Icons vignette that beautifully illustrate this.
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  • Design Icons of the 20th Century Exhibition

    Design Icons of the 20th Century Exhibition

    Switch Modern's recent exhibition, Design Icons of the 20th Century: Included in Museums Around the World, opened in October 2019 and recently concluded in early March 2020. The premise for organizing the exhibition was simple... find objects that were already in Switch Modern's showroom that were designed in the 20th century, still in current production, and were included in the permanent collection of one or more museums around the world.
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  • Dutch Lighting Exhibition + Event 2/16/18

    Dutch Lighting Exhibition + Event 2/16/18

    Switch Modern was delighted to present our latest exhibition... Dutch Masters: Contemporary Lighting from Holland. The exhibition features a range of lighting designs manufactured by Moooi, Flos, and Ingo Maurer, that were created by Dutch designers - Joost van Bleiswijk, Joel Degermark, Richard Hutten, Frans van Nieuwenborg + Martijin Wegman, Bertjan Pot, Raimond Puts + OK-ID, Studio Job, Rick Tegelaar, and...
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  • Edra On the Rocks Sofa Sectional

    Edra On the Rocks Sofa Sectional

    On the Rocks sofa sectional was designed by Francesco Binfare in 2004 for Edra, Italy. Often described as a "seating landscape," On the Rocks is a relatively simple design that consists of four different geometric seating elements - three are in the shape of five-sided polygons; the fourth is a quadrilateral. By placing their respective different angled sides adjacent to other...
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  • Edra Sofas: Just Extraordinary

    Edra Sofas: Just Extraordinary

    Boa sofa, Campana Bothers, Edra, 2002. A profoundly sculptural "nest" that is composed of 100 meters of tubular velvet that has been filled with polyurethane chips and goose down. As much "soft sculpture" as it is seating. While the aforementioned Boa sofa has been one of Edra's most recently talked about seating designs (perhaps due to Kendall Jenner's having...
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  • Exhibition - From Nuns to Now:      A Photographer's Selection

    Exhibition - From Nuns to Now: A Photographer's Selection

    When we approached Lucinda Bunnen about having an exhibition within Switch Modern's showroom, we invited her to select the photographs that she wanted to include - indeed, a "photographer's selection." Lucinda ultimately chose 48 pieces that were hung amidst the various pieces of contemporary furniture and lighting within Switch Modern's showroom - the resulting synergy was just amazing. Not only did it provide the context of how someone would likely live with the work in their home but also included an opportunity to sit, lounge, and relax while taking the time to really explore the photographs in the exhibition. Lucinda's aforementioned photo, Nuns on a Beach, was the catalyst for the exhibition's title that included this photograph along with work that spanned nearly five decades to the present.
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  • Extraordinary Mirrors

    Extraordinary Mirrors

    Left photo: The Miraggio mirror designed by the Campana Brothers for Edra, Italy, in 2009 features an assemblage of laser-cut pieces of varying sizes that have been "stitched" together to create a reflective surface that blurs the boundaries of fine art and design. Right photo: The Francis mirror recently designed by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture, France, explores the...
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  • Flos Parentesi Lamp: Design Icon

    Flos Parentesi Lamp: Design Icon

    The Parentesi lamp is a favorite at Switch Modern. We recently installed a pair of these in our Atlanta showroom and were reminded about how extraordinary this lighting design is as it blurs the boundaries between the lighting typologies of floor lamp, ceiling light, and wall light. This drawing illustrates Pio Manzu's original concept and its evolution. After Manzu's death...
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  • Flos Turns 60 - Six Decades of Extraordinary Lighting Designs

    Flos Turns 60 - Six Decades of Extraordinary Lighting Designs

    Founded in Merano in 1962, FLOS is recognized as a leading international-level manufacturer of top-end designer lighting and innovative lighting systems for both residential and professional sectors. FLOS boasts a catalogue packed with iconic lamps created by legendary names in the history of design including Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Piero Lissoni, Marcel Wanders, Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Ron Gilad, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Michael Anastassiades, Vincent Van Duysen, Nendo, Formafantasma, and many others.
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