• Grand Plie, Plie, and Piaffe: Driade Quickship

    Grand Plie, Plie, and Piaffe: Driade Quickship

    Driade's fabulously engaging outdoor seating and surfaces! Plie lounge chair, Grand Plie sofa, and Piaffe coffee table - all designed in 2009 by Roberto and Ludovica Palomba. A decade later, all have become Driade icons. Each piece is available in a choice of white or light gray. Need it fast? White is a QuickShip option. All are composed of Monobloc polyethylene making them perfectly suited for outdoor use. When all three pieces in the collection are viewed together, there is an amazing synergy of forms. The sofa's curves, the cascading, inwardly-oriented sides of the coffee table, and the tall back of the lounge chair that quite literally both frames and envelops the sitter.
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  • Cristae Sculptural Planters

    Cristae Sculptural Planters

    Designed by Vancouver-based sculptor Marie Khouri, Cristae's oversized architectural plant pots will enliven any interior or outdoor space. Constructed with molded polyethylene and hand-finished to create a pristine, matte surface that's smooth to touch, each Cristae planter is stylish, durable, and lightweight. They're also created with UV protection to ensure that sunlight never takes its toll on their simple shade of white.
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  • Bensen Delta Sofa

    Bensen Delta Sofa

    Designed by Niels Bendtsen in 2017, the Delta sofa features smooth surfaces and soft, down-filled cushions. The Delta sofa is available in three different widths - 68.9", 82.7", and 96.5" - the largest size is illustrated here. A fresh and super comfortable addition to Bensen's range of seating that visually exudes softness. Delta's comfort is achieved through multi-layer seat cushions...
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  • Riva 1920 Venice Console

    Riva 1920 Venice Console

    Venice console, Claudio Bellini, Riva 1920, Italy, 2011; composed of briccole (Venetian oak pylons) and polished stainless steel. Briccole are cylindrical oak wood pylons that are staked into the Venice lagoon that are used as guideposts to reveal the waterways and tides for vessels. The average life for each briccola is 10 to 20 years after which they need to...
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  • Curves, Curves, Curves... New From Wittmann in 2019

    Curves, Curves, Curves... New From Wittmann in 2019

    Austria's Wittmann recently introduced several new seating designs at the 2019 Cologne Furniture Fair - several new Vuelta Collection pieces from Jaime Hayon and Sebastian Herkner's Miles range of seating. Vuelta Sofa Lounge, (frontal, aerial, detail views), Jaime Hayon, Wittmann, Austria, 2018. With its generous curves and expansive seating planes, Jaime Hayon's Vuelta Sofa Lounge and Vuelta Sofa Lounge Island...
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  • Tatu Lamp: Santa & Cole Reissues 1970s Design Classic

    Tatu Lamp: Santa & Cole Reissues 1970s Design Classic

    The Tatu lamp was designed by Andre Ricard in 1972 and originally produced by Metalarte, Spain. We are delighted to report that Santa & Cole has reissued this fabulous award-winning design - an engaging piece that resembles a periscope allowing the user to twist sections of the lamp in order to direct the emitted light. The original Tatu lamp featured...
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  • Edra On the Rocks Sectional

    Edra On the Rocks Sectional

    On the Rocks sectional was designed by Francesco Binfare in 2004 for Edra, Italy. Often described as a "seating landscape," On the Rocks is a relatively simple design that consists of four different geometric seating elements - three are in the shape of five-sided polygons; the fourth is a quadrilateral. By placing their respective different angled sides adjacent to other...
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  • Tom Dixon Mirror Ball

    Tom Dixon Mirror Ball

    A fabulous installation of Mirror Ball suspension lights in the chrome finish - available in three diameters - these look amazing when clustered. As Tom Dixon points out, "Sometimes your biggest failure could be your biggest success. The aim was to produce a completely spherical, highly mirrored object that would disappear into its surroundings. Instead it does the opposite and...
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  • Rise of the Rechargeables: The Evolution of the Lantern

    Rise of the Rechargeables: The Evolution of the Lantern

    Lanterns have been a portable light source since their use in antiquity. The function was simply to provide a barrier around a light source - often a flame - protecting it from the elements. These were available in a range of shapes and before the use of glass for the panes, often animal horn flattened into thin slices was used...
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  • Tom Dixon Screw Table

    Tom Dixon Screw Table

    Tom Dixon's Screw table is an extraordinary design! Underscored by an industrial aesthetic, the Screw table illustrates the designer's absolute mastery at mixing media in unexpected and engaging ways. Screw features a cast iron base expressed as a tripod of trapezoid-shaped "fins" - these are fabulously reminiscent of Jean Prouvé's work in lacquered pressed steel in the mid 20th century...
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  • Harvey Probber Deep Tuft Sectional

    Harvey Probber Deep Tuft Sectional

    We just love this modern interior recently created by Atlanta designer, Tim Hobby. The saturated, textural blue and magenta absolutely pop against the dark walls and are visually underscored by the designer's spot-on punctuation with reflective surfaces - this space absolutely captures the sophisticated glam associated with many early 1970s interiors. The room is flanked by iconic seating - Harvey...
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  • Tom Dixon Pylon Chair

    Tom Dixon Pylon Chair

    After decades of production through Italy's Cappellini, Tom Dixon's iconic Pylon chair design from the early 1990s is now available through the designer's namesake UK firm. In fact, the Pylon chair is even being fabricated by the skilled metalworker who was originally taught to weld by Dixon himself. Dixon's impetus for the Pylon chair was to design the world's lightest...
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  • Moooi Meshmatics Suspension Light

    Moooi Meshmatics Suspension Light

    Rick Tegelaar's much anticipated Meshmatics suspension light for Moooi, Netherlands, has finally arrived in the United States. Tegelaar quite literally developed special machinery and an associated set of tools that enable the designer to manipulate chicken wire in both a highly controlled and precise fashion. As described by the designer, "By stretching the material over a mold it shrinks itself...
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  • Moooi Carpets: Maison Christian Lacroix

    Moooi Carpets: Maison Christian Lacroix

    Maison Christian Lacroix's fabulously exuberant Malmaison rug is available in four colorways - noted here are Malmaison Berlingot (left) and Malmaison Citrus (right). Legendary French fashion house, Maison Christian Lacroix, created this extraordinarily vivid design for Moooi. The Malmaison series consists of four rugs - each is part of the Moooi Signatures Collection. Maison Christian Lacroix was inspired by France...
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  • And The Beat (Light)... Goes On

    And The Beat (Light)... Goes On

    Tom Dixon's now classic Beat Light Series has two new additions - Beat Waist and Beat Flat. Introduced in 2016, these new diffuser shapes (shown in the right side photo flanking Beat Stout) complement the original designs that include Beat Fat, Beat Stout, Beat Wide, and Beat Tall. Left side photo: Line drawings of various types of domes used...
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  • Flos Parentesi Lamp: Design Icon

    Flos Parentesi Lamp: Design Icon

    The Parentesi lamp is a favorite at Switch Modern. We recently installed a pair of these in our Atlanta showroom and were reminded about how extraordinary this lighting design is as it blurs the boundaries between the lighting typologies of floor lamp, ceiling light, and wall light. This drawing illustrates Pio Manzu's original concept and its evolution. After Manzu's death...
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  • Tom Dixon: Melt Lights

    Tom Dixon: Melt Lights

    Tom Dixon's Melt Light is an extraordinary series of distorted spherical lights that are half-metallized to create an incredible optical effect that casts an ethereal luminosity within any interior that they are placed. Melt was the result of a 2014 collaboration between Dixon and the Swedish design collective, Front, experimenting in the technologically advanced fields of blow molding and vacuum...
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  • Oluce Alba Lights

    Oluce Alba Lights

    Alba is an engaging and luxe collection of lighting from Italian manufacturer Oluce that was introduced in 2018 and designed by Mariana Pellegrino Soto. The Alba Collection includes several lighting typologies - table, floor, as well as suspension and wall sconce versions. The Alba Collection features two different suspension light versions. A single droplet diffuser - Alba 465 (left side...
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  • Dutch Lighting Exhibition + Event 2/16/18

    Dutch Lighting Exhibition + Event 2/16/18

    Switch Modern was delighted to present our latest exhibition... Dutch Masters: Contemporary Lighting from Holland. The exhibition features a range of lighting designs manufactured by Moooi, Flos, and Ingo Maurer, that were created by Dutch designers - Joost van Bleiswijk, Joel Degermark, Richard Hutten, Frans van Nieuwenborg + Martijin Wegman, Bertjan Pot, Raimond Puts + OK-ID, Studio Job, Rick Tegelaar, and...
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  • Snoopy Lamp - Flos 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

    Snoopy Lamp - Flos 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

    In honor or the 50th anniversary of the Achille and Piergiacomo Castiglioni's iconic Snoopy lamp, Flos has created a special edition with a matte black finish shade in an edition of 1700 examples. The designers were inspired by the Peanuts character for their Snoopy table lamp. Like the limited edition, the actual example of the original version from 1967 preserved...
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