Poliform: Dama Table or Stool

The Poliform Dama table or stool is the perfect anywhere surface. Its cylindrical base tapers inwardly as it approaches the top - akin to being "cinched," it cants sharply outward to define the top. The Dama table's slightly concave surface makes it comfortable for use a stool yet it can also do double duty as an impromptu table.

The Dama stool is fabricated with a choice of Canaletto walnut or cedar wood. Given the inherent natural properties of the latter, Dama will sport knots and irregular cracks that become an engaging component of the table/stool's aesthetic. A concealed, integrated metal plate located on the underside of the form ever so slightly elevates the table/stool above the surface on which it rests - this design element provides tremendous visual interest.

In addition to the natural Canaletto walnut and cedar wood versions, Dama is also available in a range of finishes - a staggering 27 different matte colors and 19 glossy lacquer options. Dama is also offered with two different footprint diameters - 13.5" for solid wood and 15" for painted finish - each version is 18" height. Dama looks amazing when used independently; it also is extraordinary when presented as a cluster in front of a sofa or sectional. Need it fast? The natural cedar version of Dama is available as part of our Quickship program.

For more information about the Poliform Dama table or stool, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at info@switchmodern.com

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