Replacement Covers... Bensen, Flexform, Giorgetti, MDF Italia, Poliform, Walter Knoll, Zanotta

Groundpiece sectional, Antonio Citterio, Flexform, 2001.  Since its introduction, Groundpiece has been one of Flexform's most popular seating systems.  Many of the European brands that Switch Modern represents use tailor-made upholstery covers that are cleverly affixed to the upholstered form's structure and cushions. Several sofas, sectionals, beds, and lounge chairs from a range of manufacturers - Bensen, Flexform, Giorgetti, Poliform, Walter Knoll, Edra, and Zanotta - all provide replacement covers for most pieces within their respective collections. Most even still produce these replacement covers for designs that have long been out of production. At a fraction of the cost of what a new example of the same piece would cost, new replacement upholstery covers represent a wonderful way to renew and refresh an existing piece that you've enjoyed over the years while protecting your long-term investment.

In addition to Groundpiece, the Flexform Patrik sofa was popular for years. You always loved the upholstery on this piece but perhaps your adorable pets also "loved" Patrik's original upholstery way too much? Regardless of when they were purchased, all Flexform furniture pieces were an investment worthy of protecting by simply refreshing these pieces with new upholstery recovers.

Upper photo: Neo sectional and Neo sofa, Bensen, 1998. Lower photo: Canyon sectional seating system, Bensen, 2002. Designed by Niels Bendsten, the Neo and Canyon seating ranges have been popular since their respective introductions. Allright... you've become tired of that late 1990s fashion color upholstery that you originally ordered but you still really enjoy the comfort and look of these sectionals... replacement covers are the answer.

The Onto bed designed by Niels Bendsten in 1996 has been a Bensen classic for two decades... you still love the form and associated ergonomics but have become tired of the way the upholstered headboard looks after 15 years. It's so easy to simply keep the bed and just order replacement covers. Swapping these out is easy and your bed will look and feel new again.

Zanotta Alfa Sectional Replacement Upholstery Covers

Zanotta William Sectional Sofa Replacement Upholstery Cover

The hugely popular Alfa range of sofas and sectionals (upper photo) was introduced by Zanotta at the end of the 20th century - it is so easy to refresh this design classic with replacement upholstery covers.  Similarly easy to refresh is the popular William seating range (lower photo).  Replacement covers are available for all upholstered Zanotta designs at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire piece. In fact, Zanotta was one of the first manufacturers in the 1970s to pioneer the use of removable upholstery for seating.

edra on the rocks sectional

Often described as a "seating landscape," the On the Rocks sectional was introduced by Edra in 2004 and has remained one of this Italian manufacturer's most popular seating designs.  If you absolutely love this piece but your interior palette has changed, it's easy to simply order replacement covers.  In addition to On the Rocks, Edra makes replacement upholstery covers for a number of its seating systems including Absolu, Essential, Sofa, and Standard.

Giorgetti Progetti Chairs Replacement Upholstery Covers

One of the most popular requests for replacement covers for Giorgetti are the range of Giorgetti Progetti chairs.  The exquisitely crafted, sensuously-shaped wood frames on this range of seating are easily refreshed with new upholstery covers.

Whether your piece is still in production or now long out-of-production, all were designed with removable upholstery to not only enable periodic cleaning of the textile covers, but to actually change it up when you desire something different - color, pattern, or texture. Switch Modern provides quotations on a regular basis for replacement covers for various manufacturers that we represent. Please contact us at 404-605-0196 or to get a quotation as well as review current textile options available.