Santa & Cole Lighting: Spotlight on Design Event

An impromptu exhibition of various Santa & Cole lighting designs - table, floor, and suspension lamps representing both classics and recently introduced pieces - was installed in anticipation of Switch Modern's Spotlight on Design event at our Atlanta showroom on June 1.

Roy Otwell (center), Co-Owner, Switch Modern, enjoys a laugh and greets the group from Santa & Cole that included Nina Ordeig, Marketing Director (left); Nina Masó, Co-Founder (center); and Manuel Mestre, US Managing Director (right). Masó and Ordeig traveled from Barcelona specifically to introduce the 2017 lighting designs to select design audiences in United States. Atlanta was the first stop of a tour that includes Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. In 1985, Masó co-founded Santa & Cole with Gabriel Ordeig Cole and Javier Nieto Santa.

Doug Henderson (standing left), Co-Owner, Switch Modern, introduces our distinguished guests from Santa & Cole who provided an illustrated presentation of this Spanish company's 30+ year history while presenting several of the actual lighting prototypes that will be available in 2017. In addition to the presentation, attendees enjoyed an assortment of Spanish wines and hors d'oeuvres.

Assisted by her daughter, Nina Ordeig, Santa & Cole co-founder, Nina Masó, demonstrates new pieces like Tekio - a fascinating modular tubular paper lamp that can be combined in seemingly endless ways. Left photo: Masó is holding the basic Tekio modular element - akin to a tubular accordion. Right photo: Masó places Tekio on the demonstration table and illustrates the way in which LED light will be diffused through the form. Each of Tekio's circular wooden ends contains magnets that allow the user to easily connect elements to assemble a range of forms.

Throughout the presentation Nina Masó demonstrated the versatility and function of several of Santa & Cole's classic designs as well as several new pieces like Cestita Bateria (left) - this iconic midcentury design is now available in a cordless version with a rechargeable battery. And... Santa & Cole is more than just innovative lighting... Masó demonstrates the award-winning versatile Belloch stacking chair. Designed in 2009, Belloch is available in several colors and provides a fabulous visual and textural juxtaposition of plastic seat and back with natural beech wood legs. An outdoor version of the chair features aluminum legs.

Left photo: Tekio, Anthony Dickens, 2017. Tekio is a paper lamp that is available in a standard modular section - the ends of which are attached by magnets. This phenomenal lighting designs allows elements to be connected in seemingly endless ways - illustrated here as circular suspension lamp. Right photo: Cestita Bateria, Miguel Milá, 2017. Cestita has been an icon since its introduction in the early 1960s - Santa & Cole has recently introduced the lamp with a rechargeable battery that allows it to be used without a cord. As with all of Milá's objects, Cestita strikes a balance between rational functionalism and the legacy of local artisan creation.

Left photo: Gira, Massana, Tremoleda, Ferrer, 1978 (reissued 2017). Conceived in 1978, Gira was originally produced by Mobles 114, an editing company founded by Massana and Tremoleda. Santa & Cole has reedited this classic with a black, natural anodized aluminum, or brass shade. Cirio Cascada, Antoni Arola, 2017. Cirio Cascada is the newest member of the Cirio family allowing light to vertically punctate a space by way of being hung at different heights from a variety of rectilinear or circular canopies. Cirio's diffusers are available in white porcelain, white opal glass, and brass.

Switch Modern shows a substantive collection of Santa & Cole's lighting designs both online and in our Atlanta showroom - many of the pieces are now also available through our Quick Ship Program. For more information about any of these designs including lead times for any of the aforementioned 2017 introductions, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or