Tom Dixon Screw Table

Tom Dixon's Screw table is an extraordinary design! Underscored by an industrial aesthetic, the Screw table illustrates the designer's absolute mastery at mixing media in unexpected and engaging ways.

Screw features a cast iron base expressed as a tripod of trapezoid-shaped "fins" - these are fabulously reminiscent of Jean Prouvé's work in lacquered pressed steel in the mid 20th century like the designer's EM table (1950) and Guéridon table (1949) that are now produced by Vitra, Germany.   The cast iron base literally houses the thread to enable a large  steel screw to function as the "columnar support" for the top.

The Screw table's top is available in a round or square version.  The round top is also available in two diameters - 24" or 35.5".  All tops are available with a choice of wood or stone including black, fumed, or natural oak, natural birch, as well as white or green marble.

The juxtaposition of the matte black cast iron, articulated concentric threads of the steel screw, along with the wood or stone top is engaging.  The table is truly like a kinetic sculpture and quickly becomes a focal point in any space where it is placed.

The ability to adjust the height of the table from 22.4" to 32.3" allows for great flexibility in its use.  At a lower height, it's a great side table.  Set the table to 29" and you have got a great surface to pair with chairs or stools.  Its adjustable columnar screw support is ingenious!

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