Tom Dixon Mirror Ball

tom dixon mirror ball chrome finish installation various sizes

A fabulous installation of Mirror Ball suspension lights in the chrome finish - available in three diameters - these look amazing when clustered.

As Tom Dixon points out, "Sometimes your biggest failure could be your biggest success. The aim was to produce a completely spherical, highly mirrored object that would disappear into its surroundings. Instead it does the opposite and is an ultra-visible, highly reflective object that mirrors its environment."

tom dixcon mirror ball space helmet production process

Left photo: Mirror Ball takes its inspiration from a space helmet shield.  Right photo: Mirror Ball during the production process.

The intended aim of the original Mirror Ball was to produce a completely spherical, highly reflective form.  Through the use of injection blow-molding, a melted plastic polymer is injected into a massive precision-made steel tool, inflated with compressed air and then cooled.

tom dixon mirror ball gold finish

A cluster of Mirror Balls in all three sizes - 9.8", 15.7", and 19.7" - shown in the gold finish.

The mirror finish of each pendant - gold or chrome - is created by the process of vacuum metallization.  As described by the manufacturer, Mirror Ball's "polycarbonate shell is secreted within the interior of a metallic chamber, the air sucked out, and an immense electrical charge channeled through. With a bang and pop a thin strip of foil is vaporized into a fine mist of metallic particles that settles across the interior."

tom dixon mirror ball gold finish tripod floor lamp

Part of the Mirror Ball family of lights includes this dramatic floor lamp that features a cluster of seven gold finish Mirror Balls in the various sizes. That have been organized within a tripod base stand.

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