Edra Sofas: Just Extraordinary

Boa sofa, Campana Bothers, Edra, 2002. A profoundly sculptural "nest" that is composed of 100 meters of tubular velvet that has been filled with polyurethane chips and goose down. As much "soft sculpture" as it is seating.

While the aforementioned Boa sofa has been one of Edra's most recently talked about seating designs (perhaps due to Kendall Jenner's having purchased an example for her home), we were eager to highlight some other extraordinary Edra sofas and sectionals that were all designed by Francesco Binfaré. The designer's decades-long background in research and development for both C&B Italia and then Cassina not only afforded a level of creativity and imagination to rethink the respective typologies of sofa and sectional, it provided the expertise to solve technical challenges to bring these pieces to fruition.

On the Rocks, sofa and sectional seating, Francesco Binfaré, Edra, 2004. Akin to a "seating landscape," On the Rocks features several polyhedric shapes that can be configured to create an engaging modular form - its meandering backrest allows the user to access the seating expanse in a plethora of ways. Click here to enjoy a video created by Edra that explores the versatility of the On the Rocks sectional.

Flap sofa, Francesco Binfaré, Edra, Italy, 2006. As it name suggests, this seemingly enigmatic form is actually organized as an arrangement of "flaps" that can be adjusted in numerous ways to provide numerous opportunities for several people to sit, lay, and relax. Click here to see a video created by Edra that explores this extraordinary sofa.

Absolu, sofas and sectionals, Francesco Binfaré, Edra, 2015. The Absolu range of seating features "smart" cushions that tilt with the slightest movements to satisfy any desire for comfort. Various modular elements are available that allow the user to create both linear and curved compositions. Click here to view a video created by Edra about Absolu.

Essential sofas and sectionals, Francesco Binfaré, Edra, 2016. Characterized by its elegance and flexibility, Essential was designed to stimulate the encounter between individuals underscored by comfort. Click here to watch a video created by Edra about this "essential" addition to the manufacturers' range of soft seating.

While Switch Modern shows an extensive range of Edra pieces online, we also have a number of remarkable and iconic Edra designs in our Atlanta showroom that you can experience firsthand. For more information on any of these extraordinary Edra sofas and sectionals, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com