Bensen Sleeper Sofa

The Bensen Sleeper Sofa designed by Niels Bendtsen is not your ordinary "sofa bed." What we love about this piece is that it's simply a great-looking minimalist, low-profile sofa design with clean lines and tailored details. With a form that effortlessly blends within any interior, Bensen's Sleeper sofa functions beautifully for sitting and relaxing yet easily converts into an impromptu, comfortable single bed whenever you need one.

Bensen's impetus for the design was that "conventional sofa beds involve complex, heavy systems of springs and levers that require several motions or placements - the result is inadequate spring suspension and poor cushioning that compromises comfort in sleeping or sitting. What differentiates the Sleeper from other sofa beds is that the fully supported foam seat and back changes position in one smooth motion."

Sleeper features a welded steel frame that not only provides internal strength but creates a relative levity compared to wood for ease in moving the piece. The padding is composed of high-resilience foam that has been layered in various densities. Niels Bendtsen developed a unique pivoting system that uses gravity and Sleeper's own weight to lock itself into place, allowing for an effortless transition from a sofa to a bed. Expertly tailored upholstery is available in a wide range of Danish and Italian textiles that Bensen fabricates as removable covers - all with precisely integrated Velcro that affixes perfectly to the form. These removable covers are ideal for periodic cleaning and can easily be replaced to change up the color and texture while retaining your investment in the sofa. For more information, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or

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