Bensen Endless Sectional Seating

Bensen's Endless sectional and sofa seating designed by Niels Bendtsen truly lives up to its name! Endless is a modular seating system with seemingly an infinite number of possible configurations.


This Endless sectional configuration viewed aerially illustrates how several different components can be combined. From left to right - a terminal element in standard depth, inwardly curved element in standard depth, armless element in standard depth, and deep terminal element. Eight optional loose square cushions provide additional back comfort as needed.

This simple rectilinear composition of three elements becomes visually engaging by having varied the depth of one of the Endless terminal elements. Each Endless modular element sports an internal composition of coils, memory foam, and fiber - all of which create the overall effect of a well-proportioned seating expanse that appears to "float" above the ground. Each element features a removable cover - its legs also function as connectors for the various pieces.

In addition to complex configurations, Endless can also be simply configured to create standard rectilinear "sofas" in various lengths and/or depths. As with all Bensen seating, expertly tailored upholstery is available in a wide range of Danish and Italian textiles that Bensen fabricates as removable covers - all with precisely integrated Velcro that affixes perfectly to the form. These removable covers are ideal for periodic cleaning and can easily be replaced to change up the color and texture while retaining your investment in the resulting sofa or sectional.

Bensen's Endless includes nineteen different modular elements - with arms, without arms, inwardly and outwardly curved, full backs, partial backs, varying depths, as well as a loose square pillow/cushion. These elements can seemingly be combined in a staggering number of ways to create a seating expanse that not only provides an ideally-suited footprint for any interior but meets the user's personal expectations of function and enjoyment. Bensen's commitment to quality materials and construction ensures that Endless can be used in both contract and residential applications.

Just a few of the possible resulting Endless sectional configurations.... for more information about Bensen's Endless seating system including possible configurations, upholstery options and associated pricing along with current manufacturer lead times, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or