Francesco Binfare
Francesco Binfaré (born 1939 in Milan, Italy) achieved his artistic education under his father's direction and started working for Cassina in 1960. At first as a researcher for new technologies; then as Cesare Cassina's assistant for both new projects and the realization of prototypes. From 1969 to 1976 he was the director of the Centro Cassina and participated in the creation of the several 20th century design icons including Gateano Pesce's Up Series (1969) and Paolo Deganello's AEO chair (1973). He helped bring to fruition several other seminal Cassina projects - Toshiyuki Kita's Wink (1980), Getano Pesce's Tramonto a New York (1980) and Feltri (1987), and Paolo Deganello's Torso (1982). In 1992, Binfare was invited by Massimo Morozzi to design for Edra. His early work for Edra included L'Homme et la Femme (1993), Tangeri (1994) and Angels (1996) for Edra. In the 21st century, Binfare has created a number of new seating icons - On the Rocks (2004), Flap (2006), Absolu (2015), and Essential (2016).

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