Roberto Lazzeroni
Roberto Lazzeroni (born 1950 in Pisa, Italy) received his professional training in art and architecture in Florence.  In the early 1980s he started to be interested in industrial and interior design, a specialization which he defines as fundamental for the following approach to the world of product design.  Lazzeroni has created designs for several manufacturers including Antoniopuli, Baxter, Busnelli, Ceccotti, Flexform, Giorgetti, Lema, Poltrona Frau, and Zanotta.  He has been the recipient of numerous design awards including Tecniques Discretes (Paris, 1991), Conran Foundation Museum, (London, 1992), Elegant Techniques, (Chicago, 1992), La Fabbrica Estetica, (Paris, 1993), Dall'Albergo alla Nave, (Genoa, 1993), and Costruire il mobile, (Milan 1999).

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