Moooi Shift Chair

Shift, lounge chair, Jonas Forsman, Moooi, Netherlands. With Shift, the designer celebrates the time-honored foldable function with engaging new aesthetics and heightened comfort. Illustrated in the warm ochre and blue gray colorways.

Designed by Jonas Forsman, the Moooi Shift chair and Shift lounge chair challenge preconceived notions of how a folding chair can look. Most of us think of those tubular metal frame, flat pad chairs that were often quickly "worked" around a dining table to accommodate additional guests - always practical, yet always profoundly perfunctory. With the Shift chair (and its larger Shift lounge version), Forsman has retained all of the wonderful associated function and flexibility of the folding chair yet "dressed" it with unexpected textures and colorways - these not only engender a thoroughly new aesthetic but a remarkably comfortable experience for the user.

Shift dining chair in the red colorway. Shift is easily folded creating a compact footprint for storage.

According to Forsman, he has "always been intrigued by objects that shift shape, transform and adapt to different situations. When folded, the chair is flat to facilitate shipping and storing, yet once unfolded it acquires a rounded, three-dimensional shape thanks to its comfy outfit, with a soft knitted backrest and padded seat."

Left photo: Shift chairs in the blue gray colorway around a Moooi Container dining table by Marcel Wanders. Right photo: Shift lounge chair in profile. Either version of Shift provides the same function and associated flexibility of the ubiquitous folding chair yet has been recontextualized through an innovative combination of knitted backrest textile, painted frame, and generously padded seat.

The Shift chair and lounge are lightweight and effortlessly moved around within an interior - it's also easily collapsed and stored should you wish to do so. Either version of Shift is available in three colorway combinations - bright red, warm ochre, and blue gray - each creates fabulous juxtapositional synergies between the painted frame, knitted backrest textile, and upholstered seat textile. Please contact Switch Modern at 404-605-0196 to review these options along with current delivery times. If you are in Atlanta or find yourself passing through, please drop by and check out the pair of Shift lounge chairs that recently arrived in our Atlanta showroom.