Moooi Heracleum Light

This remarkable lighting design is truly an example of the intersection of technology and art. Designed by Bertjan Pot in 2010, the Heracleum lamp has quickly become one of the most popular suspension lamps that Switch Modern shows. According to the lamp's designer, "I had this idea of where a bundle of stick-like branches are split then split again ending up like leaves on the end of a branch." Pot's inspiration for the form came from nature - the ubiquitous Heracleum plant often referred to as cow parsnip or hogweed. Dutch manufacturer, Moooi, now produces several versions of this lighting design - Heracelum II, a single suspension version in two sizes; the aforementioned Heracleum Big O in two sizes; and Heracleum Endless, a linear, modular version.

Left photo: Detail of Heracleum's illuminated "branch" in a nickel finish. In order to achieve this novel aesthetic, the designer credits fellow designer, Marcel Wanders, with developing the technology to enable it. Referred to as "Electrosandwich," this patented process powers the LEDs directly through layers of conductive material within the frame itself. Right photo: The designer's inspiration for the series of Heracleum suspension lamps was the eponymous plant.

Some candid shots taken in Switch Modern's showroom of the Heracleum Big O (left side and center photo) and Heracleum II (right side photo) suspension lamps (credit: If you are in Atlanta or traveling through, please drop by to experience these remarkable fixtures in person.

Introduced in 2014, the Heracleum Endless suspension fixture was designed to be modular - a singular element is just under 46" in length and can be combined with additional elements to create dramatic installations. Each element contains 45 dimmable LED lights.

All Heracleum lamps are available with a choice of nickel (left photo) or copper (right photo) finish for the fixture's "branches."

Photos illustrating interiors using the Heracleum II lamp - this was the designer's first version of the lamp and was introduced in 2010. Available in two sizes - the smaller contains 45 dimmable LED lights; the larger version contains a total of 63. All Heracleum suspension lamps are UL approved making them ideal for both commercial and residential applications.