Moooi Carpets: Maison Christian Lacroix

Maison Christian Lacroix's fabulously exuberant Malmaison rug is available in four colorways - noted here are Malmaison Berlingot (left) and Malmaison Citrus (right).

Legendary French fashion house, Maison Christian Lacroix, created this extraordinarily vivid design for Moooi.  The Malmaison series consists of four rugs - each is part of the Moooi Signatures Collection.

Maison Christian Lacroix was inspired by France in the very late 18th century - a vivid pastiche that mixes the rigor of the Empire style with the eccentricities and visual excesses of the Incroyables and Merveilleuses - the men and women of the fashionable aristocratic subculture that emerged in Paris during the last few years of the 18th century following the Reign of Terror.  Maison Christian Lacroix's inspiration also includes Chateau de Malmaison (upper right photo) from which this series of rugs gets its name - it's perhaps best known for its illustrious residents, Josephine and Napoleon.  Josephine Empress of the French (upper left photo) was known for her love of roses; indeed, she had apparently amassed over 250 different species of the flower in her legendary Malmaison gardens.  The namesake Malmaison rose (lower left photo) and graphic French candy stripe (lower right photo) figure prominently in Maison Christian Lacroix's rugs - each a jubilant explosion of colors and flowers.

Malmaison is also available in two other sophisticated colorways - Malmaison Aquamarine (left) and Malmaison Guimauve (right).

The crisp colors and photo realistic designs within the Malmaison rugs are achieved with the use of a high definition Chromojet printer - a groundbreaking printing machine of extreme precision that is able to reproduce almost every color nuance in existence.  The technology's use on carpet pile was pioneered by Moooi in 2015.  The spectacular results have been incorporated into annual collections of rugs in various shapes with patterns that have rarely been seen with such hyper-realism in the context of a floor covering.  While Moooi Carpets clearly function as rugs, they transcend their typology to become "floor paintings."