Giorgetti Move Chair + Hug Chair

Referring to her Move chair design for Giorgetti, Rosella Pugliatti notes, "Its design doesn't simulate nature but interprets it. The idea behind Move is in the organic shapes that wood takes in nature and in the study of geometry in the dynamics of solid bodies."

Introduced in 2014, Giorgetti's Move rocking armchair is expertly crafted from thirty pieces of solid ash wood and owes its remarkable complexity to a double curved, closed framework. The inner cradle supports the integrated seat and backrest; the outer cradle not only supports the aforementioned, but provides the structural dynamic enabling the chair's movement. Inner and outer cradles are connected where they gently nestle each other at the lowermost section of the frame's form. The structural levity of the form is visually conveyed through the designer's expert manipulation of the wood - essentially presenting cradle as sculpture.

Pugliatti's Hug chair was introduced by Giorgetti in 2013. Like the Move rocking chair, it is also characterized by the designer's sensuous use of wood to create its frame/cradle.

Pugliatti was clearly inspired by the midcentury work of Ico Parisi - this celebrated Italian designer also expertly manipulated wood within his pieces to create engaging, sinuous sculptural forms. In addition to Move, Pugilatti also created the Hug lounge chair for Giorgetti that features a luxe seating expanse that both cradles the sitter within a beautifully curved, integrated wooden structure - metaphorically, where the form is "hugged" by the wood. The cradle's slender meandering form provides a sensual juxtaposition to Hug's plump, upholstered seat and back - this provides marked visual punctuation to Hug's generous use of upholstery and its associated texture.

Switch Modern presents both of these extraordinarily sculptural chairs along with a number of designs by Giorgetti on our website; Hug can also be experienced firsthand in our Atlanta showroom. For more information on either piece along with available upholstery options and finishes, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at