Petite Friture - Extraordinary Lighting; Special Pricing

Several examples of Petite Friture's extraordinary lighting are 20% off through December 18.  Included as part of this special promotion are Aura, Cherry, Lanterna, and Vertigo - all in various sizes and finishes.

Designed by Constance Guisset, Vertigo is, in the words of its designer, a "den lamp." It is simultaneously ethereal and graphic, adapting to both large and small spaces where it creates its own intimate space. With its ultralight fiberglass structure, stretched with velvety polyurethane ribbons, this pendant lamp fascinates as it comes to life swaying in the soft air currents that surround it. Available in two sizes and six colors - black, copper, green, white, light blue, and light pink.

Lanterna is a pendant lamp designed by Sam Baron available in three sizes and two colors - black or white. The simplicity of the structure contrasts with the atmosphere it diffuses: the light, reflected in the golden interior, suddenly gives the lamp a strong, warm, and radiant aspect. Lanterna is constructed with lacquered steel, cotton, and PVC. "From a simple lamp to the recollection of a Chinese rounded lantern, Lanterna is a family of different sized pieces that pay homage to the electric light that we all have at home. The golden texture transforms the light, creates  warm atmosphere and gives a special beauty to your interior, your favorite objects and intimacy." - Sam Baron

Australian designers, Daniel - Emma, envisioned Cherry as a simple and minimalist pendant lamp. Its conical diffuser form is constructed with aluminum, grained epoxy pain, mirror finish steel, and plexiglass. Ech sports a dazzling decorative integrated drop sphere. This lamp is available in white with a gold cherry bottom and black with a "rainbow" cherry bottom.

Designed by Thomas Kral in 2016, Aura features a fiffuser in perforated steel. By using a material that is normally used for office accessories, Kral was looking simply to "sculpt" light. The result is a lightweight pendant lamp - its simple and almost archetypal form diffuses a soft and mellow light through its metal mesh. The Aura suspension lamp is constructed with grained epoxy paint aluminum, smooth epoxy painted metal - white or black - each with brass.

Switch Modern has recently started representing Petite Friture. We invite you to peruse some of the recent additions to our website and our Atlanta showroom. For more information about the special 20% off lighting promotion, or if there is a particular piece from this French manufacturer in which you are interested, please contact us 1t 404-605-0196 or

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