Based in Spain with distribution in over 60 countries, Nomon creates visually stunning clocks and furnishings that express function as sculpture.  Known for his avant-garde clocks, Nomon’s principal designer is José María Reina whose timepieces and objects are innovative in their combination of materials – each is made by hand and exquisitely crafted.  Regarding materials, the designer remarks that “whatever material, as unusual as it may appear to be, has the possibility to look exquisite if it is treated with criteria and objectivity at the moment the piece is produced.”

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  1. Bilbao Clock
    Bilbao Clock
    by Jose Maria Reina
    for Nomon
    Call For Price
  2. Vertigo Wall Rack
    Vertigo Wall Rack
    by Stefano Bigi
    for Nomon
  3. Champagnera - Champagne / Wine Cooler Stand
    Champagnera - Champagne / Wine Cooler Stand
    by Andres Martinez
    for Nomon