Stickbulb was co-founded in 2012 by RUX Founder and Creative Director, Russell Greenberg, and Partner, Christopher Beardsley. Stickbulb started with a premise that it is every architect’s dream to build with light and its burgeoning collection of innovative floor, table, wall, suspension lamps – even an illuminated table – have resulted from this aspiration. The materials are simple – wooden beams in various lengths are designed to simply insert in and out of various steel hardware connectors without tools. According to Stickbulb, essentially resulting in a “light-up erector set of interchangeable components that allows for unlimited customization and creativity.” The collection was designed with the least number of parts possible and with connections that make the pieces easy to separate for maintenance, recycling, or reuse. Stickbulb is all about letting customers determine the resulting appearance of their piece by offering a range of possible wood options – maple, walnut, reclaimed southern yellow pine, or ebonized oak. Similarly, corresponding metal hardware is also available in a number of finish options to create a number of wonderful juxtapositional aesthetics.

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