Renzo Frau
Renzo Frau (1881 - 1926) grew up in Cagliari, Sardinia, and left for military service in Milan, which he completed successfully earning the title of lieutenant.  He married Savina Pisati and moved to Turin, at the time a real hub of Italian culture.  During his time in Great Britain for work, he was able to discover the Chesterfield style of seating and immediately imagined its potential, successfully starting to import it into Italy.  At the same time, however, he was also attracted by the models of French and Central European style.  In 1912, he established Poltrona Frau.  As the First World War broke out, Frau was called to fight for his country and his wife Savina bravely took up the reins of the company.  Frau's armchairs thus began entering the most important buildings, also used by the royal family.  While Renzo Frau was only in his mid 40s when he died, he left an extensive archive of projects that would allow his wife to coherently pursue Poltrona Frau production in the years to come.

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