Naoto Fukasawa
Born in 1956.  Established Naoto Fukasawa Design in 2003.With designs that combine the sublime beauty of form with a devotion to simplicity, he designs formany international companies.  His designs spana wide variety of fields, from precision electronic equipment to furniture and interior spaces.  He has garnered international recognition not only for his designs, but also for his thoughts on and expression of design.  In addition to serving as the art director of Maruni and sitting on the advisory board of Muji, he also consults forvarious companies.  He boasts a long history of awards, including a title granted by the RoyalSociety of Arts.  He received the "Isamu Noguchi Award" in 2018. He is a professor at Tama Art University.  He is the curator of The Japan Folk Crafts Museum.  His recent works include the collection, "Naoto Fukasawa EMBODIMENT (Phaidon), released in spring of 2018.

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