Johannes Spalt
Johannes Spalt (1920 - 2010) is among the most striking figures in Austrian architecture and a man who played a pioneering role in its development.  In 1952, together with Otto Leitner, Wilhelm Holzbauer, and Friedrich Kurrent, he founded Arbeitsgruppe 4 (Working Group 4).  The group came up with pioneering projects that provided key impetus for the decades that followed.  His encounter with Wittmann in 1958 gave Spalt the impetus to focus his attentions more closely on furniture design.  His design signature stems from his architectural convictions that construction should be light and transparent.  Spalt and Wittmann would go on to forge a partnership lasting decades, during which they would realize countless joint projects.  As an innovator, Johannes Spalt was an integral part of the company as it broke new ground.  And he played a significant role in the development and execution of Josef Hoffmann pieces for which Wittmann is renowned.

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