Jean-Michel Frank & Adolphe Chanaux
French designers, Jean Michel Frank (1895 - 1941) and Adolphe Chanaux (1887 - 1965), began to collaborate in the 1920s - each interested in developing a classic expression of forms that were enhanced by the use of luxurious materials in unexpected contexts.  Their celebrated interiors were sought after by Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, Nelson Rockefeller, Jean-Pierre Guerlain and Louis Aragon.  World War II would end their collaboration.  Frank would leave Paris and go to New York, where, unable to bear the strain of the tragic events in Europe and his own exile, committed suicide in 1941.  Chanaux would become the artistic counsellor of fashion house Guerlain until his death in 1965.  The objects that resulted from the collaboration of Frank and Chanaux are among the most exquisite and sought after by art collectors.  Ecart faithfully recreates several of these designs.

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