GAN area rugs and furnishings are the indoor component of GANDIABLASCO, the revered foundation of the textile firm’s line. Each vibrantly colored rug is handmade with the trademark craftsmanship that has made the company famous, providing a platform for artisans from around the world. Bringing together traditional arts and innovative modern furniture designers, GAN is continuously building a portfolio of award-winning designers like Patricia Urquiola, whose work is featured in MoMA New York as well as numerous high-profile fairs and pavilions in Europe. GAN designs are meant to layer your home with warmth, color, and light. Work from the ground up with a one-of-a-kind handwoven rug and inventive tables and chairs, like the Valentina Arm Chair or the dramatic Bandas Chaise Longue, or find your “just right” eclectic mix that turns your house your home.

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