Francesco Rota

Francesco Rota (born 1966 in Milan, Italy) graduated from Peliz, Switzerland’s Art Center College of Design in 1994 and founded the Francesco Rota Design Office the following year. He began working with companies both in Italy and abroad, creating interior design for well-known firms such as L’Oreal and Oluce, as well as spatial design for Daimler Chrysler/Mercedes Benz and Nestle. Rota has also designed for brands such as Bals Tokyo, Martini & Rossi, and Paola. Over his career, Francesco Rota has received multiple honors, including the International Audi Design Award “Life in Motion” first prize as well as honorable mentions at the 19° Premio Compasso D'Oro 2001 and the 20° Premio Compasso D'Oro 2004.

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