David Trubridge lighting products hang lightly in the air, as if floating in the watery oceans that inspired many of his designs. We offer an extensive collection of these museum-quality pieces in all sizes. The nature-derived designs blend seamlessly into the interiors of modern homes, suitable for every room, over a dining table, in a reading corner, or as the center objet d’art in a spacious great room. The David Trubridge ethic means every lamp is designed with a deep commitment to preserving the natural environment, from the choice of materials for products, to the design and materials used in packaging.

Each lamp takes its design from an aspect of nature, ranging from solar flares to Pacific Island palms. Environmental concerns mean packaging is reduced to the bare minimum needed to ship goods safely, and is always recyclable. Products are made from sustainable and non-toxic materials, with mostly bamboo as a primary material. Shipped as kitsets in carefully designed flatpacks, each item comes with step-by-step guidance for easy DIY assembly, while larger items are assembled at the distributor.

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