Broersen & Lukacs INACTIVE
Persijn Broersen (born 1974 in Delft, Netherlands) and Margit Lukacs (born 1973 in Amsterdam, Netherlands) are artists based in Paris and Amsterdam.  They produce a myriad of works- including architecture, wallpapers, murals, fashion, video, animation and graphics that reflect on the ornamental nature of a society dictated by virtual media, for we tend to experience the world around us substantially via the boundless, timeless, and flattened universe of our screens.  Recent commissions include a mural for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and an architectural intervention at the metro-station Noorderpark in Amsterdam.  Their work has been shown in GEM, The Hague; Centre Pompidou, Paris; World Expo, Shanghai; International Film Festival, Rotterdam; and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.

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