Known for their groundbreaking mid-century concepts with industrial products, Braun clocks and watches remains one of the most respected names in modern timepieces. Heavily influenced by design principles cultivated in the German Bauhaus Movement, early Braun products consistently reflected a practical, clean, unobtrusive style that persists even now.

Innovations like the first combined radio and record player, as well as the first electric shaver, are succeeded today by beautifully simple, reliable Braun watches and clocks.  Always respecting the legacy of Braun’s early head of creative design, Dieter Rams (whose work was some of the most influential in later 20th century industrial design.)  His famous ten principles of good design could be summed up in his favorite saying, “less, but better.”  When you select any of these meticulously made timepieces, you can rest assured you’ve chosen an award-winning design.  Like the Braun BNC009 Digital Alarm Clock, winner of an iF gold award for product design from the prestigious International Forum Design GmbH, Braun clocks are not only beautiful, their functional.

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