Antoni Gaudí (1852 - 1926) was born in either Riudoms or Reus, Spain, with evidence supporting each location.  Gaudí studied architecture at the Llotja School and the Barcelona Higher School of Architecture, graduating in 1878.  With average and often failing grades in school, when handing him his degree, Elies Rogent, director of Barcelona Architecture School, purportedly said, "We have given this academic title either to a fool or a genius. Time will show."  Indeed, time has shown that Gaudí is perhaps the most internationally famous Spanish architect - his buildings and ingenious architectural solutions have continued to amaze and inspire new generations of fans over the past 100 years.  His overall approach to architecture led him to become involved with all the decorative elements, including furniture, that were to form part of the building.  Like other aesthetic movements from the end of the 19th century - Art Nouveau (France), Jugendstil (Germany), Sezession (Austria), Glascow Style (Scotland) - Gaudi is considered to be the leading exponent of Catalan Modernism.  BD Barcelona creates several of the architect's designs - all handcrafted and using the same materials as the originals.

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