Our carefully edited selections from famed Danish manufacturer Pandul lighting reflect the firm’s influential position in the history of Danish furniture design. Initially designed for the Hotel Scandinavia in Copenhagen by Hans J. Wegner, the characteristic Opala line includes iconic pieces like the Opala table and desk light, . The VIP lamp line, designed by Jorgen Gammelgaard, features a floor model with revolving shade that can turn 180 degrees in either direction and adjust up or down for height. The VIP Swing Table Lamp was immediately bought up by the Danish Arts Foundation when introduced, and it remains an icon of modern lighting design, appropriate in the halls of design history or in your modern home.

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  1. Opala Midi Pendant
    Opala Midi Pendant
    by Hans J. Wegner
    for Pandul
  2. Opala Table Lamp
    Opala Table Lamp
    by Hans J. Wegner
    for Pandul
  3. VIP Swing Table Lamp
    VIP Swing Table Lamp
    by Jorgen Gammelgaard
    for Pandul
  4. Wegner Pendant Light
    Wegner Pendant Light
    by Hans J. Wegner
    for Pandul