IC Design

Based in Switzerland, IC Design is focused on the international distribution of important design items and acts as an exclusive licensor for the development, production, and international marketing and sales of original, innovative and often iconic design. IC Design produces objects of enduring quality and design – modernist classics as well as innovative new designs. One of the niche pieces from IC Design that everyone at Switch Modern loves is the fabulously enigmatic chess set created in 1920 by Dada and Surrealist multi-media artist, Man Ray. The original chess set was inspired by Man Ray’s friendship with fellow Dadaist, Marcel Duchamp. Originally fabricated in metal and part of New York’s Museum of Modern Art permanent collection, IC Design recreated and reissued the set in wood. Man Ray’s reduction of the traditional chess pieces into abstracted forms – pawn as sphere, rook as cube, queen as cone, king as attenuated pyramid – becomes a visually engaging way of rethinking how chess pieces can look.

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