Italian furniture manufacturer Arper was established in the late 1980s by asking some important questions: Is an object as elemental as a chair or a table still subject to insight or innovation? After eons of development, is there still something to be done? Arper’s answer: Absolutely. Everything is in flux – life, culture, technology – and that basic fact demands a considered response… good design is a synthesis of technique, cost, material, function, use, taste and sustainability. This dialogue has led Arper to embark on years of experimentation in which the manufacturer has continuously expanded its product range with new types of seating from innovative materials such as aluminum and polypropylene using advanced production techniques. Switch Modern has highlighted one of our favorite designs from Arper – its iconic Leaf collection of weather-resistant chairs, chaises, and lounge chairs, designed by Lievore-Altherr-Molina.

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