1. Moooi Carpets: Maison Christian Lacroix

    Moooi Carpets: Maison Christian Lacroix
    Maison Christian Lacroix's fabulously exuberant Malmaison rug is available in four colorways - noted here are Malmaison Berlingot (left) and Malmaison Citrus (right). Legendary French fashion house, Maison Christian Lacroix, created this extraordinarily vivid design for Moooi.  The Malmaison series consists of four rugs - each is part of the Moooi Signatures Collection. Maison Christian Lacroix was inspired by France...
  2. And The Beat (Light)... Goes On

    And The Beat (Light)... Goes On
    Tom Dixon's now classic Beat Light Series has two new additions – Beat Waist and Beat Flat.  Introduced in 2016, these new diffuser shapes (shown in the right side photo flanking Beat Stout) complement the original designs that include Beat Fat, Beat Stout, Beat Wide, and Beat Tall.   Left side photo: Line drawings of various types of domes used...
  3. Flos Parentesi Lamp: Design Icon

    Flos Parentesi Lamp: Design Icon
    The Parentesi lamp is a favorite at Switch Modern.  We recently installed a pair of these in our Atlanta showroom and were reminded about how extraordinary this lighting design is as it blurs the boundaries between the lighting typologies of floor lamp, ceiling light, and wall light. This drawing illustrates Pio Manzu's original concept and its evolution.  After Manzu's death...
  4. Tom Dixon: Melt Lights

    Tom Dixon: Melt Lights
    Tom Dixon’s Melt Light is an extraordinary series of distorted spherical lights that are half-metallized to create an incredible optical effect that casts an ethereal luminosity within any interior that they are placed.  Melt was the result of a 2014 collaboration between Dixon and the Swedish design collective, Front, experimenting in the technologically advanced fields of blow molding and vacuum...
  5. Alessi Sale: 20% Off + Free Shipping Starts 5/19

    Alessi Sale: 20% Off + Free Shipping Starts 5/19
      Alessi Sale… beginning 5/19 all Alessi designs* are discounted 20% - both in store and at switchmodern.com – all orders receive complimentary shipping; orders over $100 also receive a free gift. This photo illustrates (from left to right) some of Alessi’s now iconic designs from the 20th and 21st centuries – Starck Juicy Salif (1990), Graves Bird Kettle (1985...
  6. Seletti Linea Lamp

    The Seletti Linea lamp designed by Alessandro Zambelli is yet another playful, “illuminating” design from this Italian manufacturer. Clearly paying homage to American minimalist artist Dan Flavin’s contextual exploration of space with tubular fluorescent bulbs in the 1960s, Seletti has created a versatile tube of light that can be leaned against, mounted to, or hung on a wall, rest on a surface or the floor, or even be presented upright with the addition of a modular base.
  7. Seletti Banana Lamps

    Seletti Banana Lamps
    Seletti Banana lamps designed by Studio Job. From left to right: Dewey, Huey, and Louie. The Banana lamps by Studio Job are just fabulous!  The table lamp is being offered in three slightly different “peeled” versions – Huey, Dewey, and Louie – affectionately named after the triplet nephews of Walt Disney’s Donald Duck. Each version features a realistic, detailed cast-resin...
  8. Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas
     Yep… Mother’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, May 13. While Switch Modern presents well over 1,000 accessories on our website, we thought that we would share some popular Mother’s Day gift ideas from the past as well as some pieces that were recently introduced. We have pulled together a group of pieces from Alessi, Iittala, Stelton, Graf...
  9. Champagne Accessories: "Effeverscent" Design

    Champagne Accessories: "Effeverscent" Design
    Noe, ice tub/cooler, Giulio Iachetti, Alessi, 2015.  This fabulous tub in mirror polished stainless steel was designed to accommodate the chilling of five bottles. Champagne, Champagne... champagne!  We celebrate this magical, sparkling beverage and all of the beautiful tools and accessories that have been developed by various designers and manufacturers to celebrate the presentation and serving of this effervescent treat...
  10. Nanimarquina Oil Cruet

    Nanimarquina Oil Cruet
    Left photo: Rafael Marquina (1921 – 2013) holds his award-winning oil cruet that is now manufactured by his daughter’s company, Nanimarquina. Right photo: Filled with olive oil, the cruet becomes a visually striking and practical addition to a table. “The shape of oil cruets at the time clearly indicated what was expected of them, but reality left much to be...

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