Cheese Graters

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  1. Cheese Please Grater
    Cheese Please Grater
    by Lorenza Bozzoli
    for Alessi
  2. Forma Cheese Grater with Stand
    Forma Cheese Grater with Stand
    by Zaha Hadid
    for Alessi
  3. GR0105 Cheese Grater
    GR0105 Cheese Grater
    by Anonimo Pompeiano
    for Alessi
  4. Parmenide Cheese Grater
    Parmenide Cheese Grater
    by Alejandro Ruiz
    for Alessi
  5. Todo Cheese & Nutmeg Grater
    Todo Cheese & Nutmeg Grater
    by Richard Sapper
    for Alessi