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&tradition lighting presents an innovative collection of Danish lighting and furniture design, brought together to make both traditional lighting and the newest contemporary furnishings available to a discerning audience. Find the perfect combination of form and function, art and heritage in every lamp, like the whimsical yet bold Flowerpot Table Lamp, from 1969, a reflection of the “flower children” movement. Embrace the new Millennium with the Bulb Pendant Lamp from 2001, which captures the essence of the first electric light bulb in thick glass, rendered in one-of-a-kind hand blown form. Scan the whole collection for the ideal choice to illuminate your personal space.


Since its formation in 1921, Alessi has been one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of accessories for the home, fabricating a wide range of stylishly designed items that can be found in residences around the globe. It began as a producer of brass and nickel silver sheet metal objects, then reconfigured itself in the 1950s as a specialist in stainless steel manufacturing. Today, Alessa products can be found in a small number of exclusive shops, including Switch Modern. Alessi home accessories are marked by their attractive appearance and functional excellence. The Switch Modern catalog features a broad assortment of these world-class products, which you can sample below.

Alessi Coffee and Tea

Since its formation in 1921, Alessi has been one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of accessories for the home, fabricating a wide range of stylishly designed items that can be found in residences around the globe. It began as a producer of brass and nickel silver sheet metal objects, then reconfigured itself in the 1950s as a specialist in stainless steel manufacturing. Today, Alessa products can be found in a small number of exclusive shops, including Switch Modern. Alessi home accessories are marked by their attractive appearance and functional excellence. The Switch Modern catalog features a broad assortment of these world-class products, which you can sample below.

Alessi Dinnerware

Since its formation in 1921, Alessi has been one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of accessories for the home, fabricating a wide range of stylishly designed items that can be found in residences around the globe. It began as a producer of brass and nickel silver sheet metal objects, then reconfigured itself in the 1950s as a specialist in stainless steel manufacturing. Today, Alessa products can be found in a small number of exclusive shops, including Switch Modern. Alessi home accessories are marked by their attractive appearance and functional excellence. The Switch Modern catalog features a broad assortment of these world-class products, which you can sample below.

Alessi Flatware

Since its formation in 1921, Alessi has been one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of accessories for the home, fabricating a wide range of stylishly designed items that can be found in residences around the globe. It began as a producer of brass and nickel silver sheet metal objects, then reconfigured itself in the 1950s as a specialist in stainless steel manufacturing. Today, Alessa products can be found in a small number of exclusive shops, including Switch Modern. Alessi home accessories are marked by their attractive appearance and functional excellence. The Switch Modern catalog features a broad assortment of these world-class products, which you can sample below.

Alessi Glassware

Since its formation in 1921, Alessi has been one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of accessories for the home, fabricating a wide range of stylishly designed items that can be found in residences around the globe. It began as a producer of brass and nickel silver sheet metal objects, then reconfigured itself in the 1950s as a specialist in stainless steel manufacturing. Today, Alessa products can be found in a small number of exclusive shops, including Switch Modern. Alessi home accessories are marked by their attractive appearance and functional excellence. The Switch Modern catalog features a broad assortment of these world-class products, which you can sample below.

BD Barcelona

The focus at BD Barcelona has always been on beauty and art, inspired by the owners’ architectural influence. Choosing artisan methods over mass production, each of the BD Barcelona products is limited in production, with unlimited attention to quality and design. Famous for their collections incorporating furniture designs by Gaudi and Dali, today’s designers continue to produce collections that unite art and design. Switch Modern offers a full array of furniture as works of art for your home.


Accent your rooms with beautiful, artistic Bitossi ceramic accessories for the home. Emerging from an ancient ceramic tradition in Montelupo Fiorentino, the family business evolved from 19th century local handcrafted production to reflect modern tastes with an infusion of new design talent and sensibility.

Choose the unique, iconic Rimini-blue glazed pottery pieces in appealing, organic shapes. The same blue livens up playfully modern cats, birds, and more. Highly whimsical vases by Piero Fornasetti in white glazed ceramic with expressive faces represent Bitossi accessories for the home’s sense of style and humor.


Switch Modern offers the ultimate in lighting design from Bocci. Our collection of Bocci products represents innovative, breakthrough designs in home lighting for a luxury-minded clientele. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the Bocci lighting team draws on an inspired, cooperative community of designers, craftspeople, architects, technicians, and more, to create extraordinary, museum-quality products.

Each selection is fabricated entirely in-house to complement your lifestyle and enrich your home environment. Illuminate a dining room with a dramatic, bold piece like the 28.37 Suspension Lamp, and transform your space. All Bocci lamps and lighting designs are rendered with the kind of care and skill that transform home furnishings to a collection of objets d’art.


Known for their groundbreaking mid-century concepts with industrial products, Braun clocks and watches remains one of the most respected names in modern timepieces. Heavily influenced by design principles cultivated in the German Bauhaus Movement, early Braun products consistently reflected a practical, clean, unobtrusive style that persists even now.

Innovations like the first combined radio and record player, as well as the first electric shaver, are succeeded today by beautifully simple, reliable Braun watches and clocks.  Always respecting the legacy of Braun’s early head of creative design, Dieter Rams (whose work was some of the most influential in later 20th century industrial design.) His famous ten principles of good design could be summed up in his favorite saying, “less, but better.” When you select any of these meticulously made timepieces, you can rest assured you’ve chosen an award-winning design. Like the Braun BNC009 Digital Alarm Clock, winner of an iF gold award for product design from the prestigious International Forum Design GmbH, Braun clocks are not only beautiful, their functional.

Carl Hansen & Son

Carl Hansen and Son products have been setting the standard for new concepts in furniture design since the early 1900s, incorporating strong influences from Danish architect Frits Henningsen through the 1940s, followed by Hans J. Wegner from the 1950s, beginning with the legendary Wishbone Chair and others. Today, designs from the 1930s through the 21st century blend into a light, airy ethos, many featuring streamlined frames and neutral colors that reference early Danish modern, like the MK99200 Folding Chair from 1932, or the CH162 Sofa from 1965. Wegner’s Shell Chair, introduced in 1963, proved ahead of its time, and was only fully appreciated in 1998 when it was reintroduced as a revived classic. Look for the newest innovations and reissued classics in Switch Modern’s extensive collection of Carl Hansen and Son products.


Ceccotti Collezioni was launched in the mid-20th century, to supply unique furnishings to exclusive residences and hotels. The company built its aesthetic out of the traditional Tuscan artisan craftsmanship taught in the area’s Cascina School of Art. Early collections of Ceccotti products were influenced by surrealist designers like Gaudi and Mollino, as well as contemporary Scandinavian designs. Today, the firm’s designers continue to create forward-looking yet elegant pieces, employing sensual, organic curves and respecting the traditions and uses of home and commercial furnishings.


Striving for formal perfection and originality, ClassiCon products have always been linked to extraordinary designers that are breaking new ground. They are known for creating collector’s items that will have timeless appeal and value, destined to become design classics. Each item is offered in a limited edition, numbered and stamped. We invite you to scan Switch Modern’s extensive collection of innovative yet classic seating, tables, lighting, and furniture accessories from ClassiCon.

David Trubridge Design

David Trubridge lighting products hang lightly in the air, as if floating in the watery oceans that inspired many of his designs. We offer an extensive collection of these museum-quality pieces in all sizes. The nature-derived designs blend seamlessly into the interiors of modern homes, suitable for every room, over a dining table, in a reading corner, or as the center objet d’art in a spacious great room. The David Trubridge ethic means every lamp is designed with a deep commitment to preserving the natural environment, from the choice of materials for products, to the design and materials used in packaging.

Each lamp takes its design from an aspect of nature, ranging from solar flares to Pacific Island palms. Environmental concerns mean packaging is reduced to the bare minimum needed to ship goods safely, and is always recyclable. Products are made from sustainable and non-toxic materials, with mostly bamboo as a primary material. Shipped as kitsets in carefully designed flatpacks, each item comes with step-by-step guidance for easy DIY assembly, while larger items are assembled at the distributor.

Davide Groppi

Each selected Davide Groppi lighting piece reflects his artistic vision. These finely designed lamps bring an intensity of focused and diffused light to an area, while occupying the least amount of space possible. Their signature style uses a minimalist line with exaggerated proportions to create a feeling of lightness and movement, suited to any tasteful modern home. Introduce the artistry of Davide Groppi to yours, and experience the unique combination of humanism and industrialism in lighting.

De Sede

De Sede products are designed and built to lend style and comfort to living spaces, while reinforcing harmony with nature and people. Fundamental to this philosophy is a commitment to original thinking and obsessive Swiss quality.  Beginning as a saddler’s workshop, the firm evolved to become internationally known for hand-crafted leather furniture, and still leads the way in comfortable, innovative leather seating. Today’s collection presents coordinated lines of benches, armchairs, sofas, and tables, ideal for inspired living in both commercial and residential spaces.


Draenert furniture combines innovative modern design with artistic styling for pieces that are both sophisticated and functional. The leading international furniture designer specializes in modern dining, coffee, and side tables, as well as chairs that match in form and style. Materials like steel, brushed aluminum, high-polished chrome, and color-coated glass used in many Draenert designs invoke the restraint and ingenuity of industry.

Many Draenert dining tables feature innovative patented extension mechanisms that are integrated under the table to maximize functionality. Bring the creative sophistication of Draenert furniture into your home or commercial space.


Driade has been making its mark on the landscape since 1968, remaining at the forefront of Italian design from its aesthetic workshop, dedicated to “the art of living.” Switch Modern brings you access to a unique selection of Driade products, each one made to be a work of art in its own right. New, forward-looking concepts are mixed with heritage pieces for indoor or outdoor use, in homes and commercial buildings.

Choose among modern chairs by the likes of Philippe Starck and other iconic names, or a sectional sofa by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, outlined in a thin metal structure, its trim cushions seemingly suspended above ground. Tables and desks invite you to create inspired settings with Driade products like the edgy, Adelaide tabletop collection by Zie Dong. Survey our entire offering and begin your own journey into the art of living.

Ecart International

Downy-soft armchairs, woven straw sun-shaped coffee tables, spherical nickel-plated brass desk lamps—these are just a few of the iconic, early 20th century breakthrough designs being reissued among Ecart International products. The original designers are a who’s who of important names whose signature pieces can now bring grace and beauty to your home or office, like Mariano Fortuny, Eileen Gray, and Adolphe Chanaux. Contemporary designers have joined their ranks, creating bespoke furnishings to be custom crafted by the top manufacturing firms in France. All are dedicated to preserving the living heritage of French craft and industrial arts, and now you can participate in this tradition by owning the end products of their labor.


Italian manufacturer Edra holds a unique place in furniture design, with pieces that go beyond trends and fashion to create a strong tactile and emotional impact. As shown in the Edra products offered by Switch Modern, these designs incorporate sensual values that respond to contemporary lifestyle changes and enhance the user experience.    

Built on a tradition that combines the Italian design heritage with modern technology and careful research into new materials, Edra relies on the craftsmanship of sophisticated manual skills plus inventive creative talent to produce one-of-a-kind works. Whether your home is deeply traditional or minimalist and contemporary, your life and the space you live in will be enriched by the addition of one of these extraordinary pieces.     


You are a discerning collector of fine things, intent on furnishing your home with pieces that reflect taste and confidence. Switch Modern offers you a broad selection of Flexform furniture that puts a fresh, contemporary spin on timeless elegance. Based outside of Milan, Italian manufacturer Flexform defines its aesthetic as understated, sensual glamor, driven by the overarching influence of premier designer Antonio Citterio.

Anchored by sofa designs, the entire “eco-system” of related furnishings, including Flexform beds, tables, chairs, accessories, and more, all work together to deliver a unified lifestyle image you can adapt to suit your space. Now, we bring you convenient, reliable access to Flexform online, with the same inspired balance of proportions, fabrics, and materials exemplified in the company’s 14 international flagship stores.


FLOS lighting concepts reflect the artistic, innovative designs and craft traditions of Merano, Italy. Illuminate your environment with these exciting pieces from some of Europe’s most inspired and iconic names. They cross over and blur the lines between functional lighting and artistic expression, always seeking new materials.

Making the most of advances in organic LED technology, FLOS pursues eco-sustainable materials. Incorporate the daring originality of the spherical Copycat Table Lamp by Anastassiades into your interior, or place the Foglio Wall Lamp by Tobia Scarpa as an art object in just the right spot. From suspended ceiling lights to tall, thin industrial floor lamps, our FLOS collection will brighten every corner of a modern home.


When fusing art with lighting, one name says it all, FontanaArte, where lighting fixtures are designed as “lumen art” for the home or industrial space. Interior designers and architects look to FontanaArte Lighting for the simplicity and versatility of installation, which is part of each artfully designed and original fixture. Own an example of the extraordinary design genius seen in iconic pieces like the Luminator floor lamp by Pietro Chiesa, from 1932. 

The Italian-based firm draws on talents of leading international designers to create beautiful lighting pieces that win awards year after year. If you don’t already own FontanaArte, introduce their sophisticated design aesthetic to your home with a striking, minimalist floor lamp like the Yumi by Shigeru Ban, winner of the 2015 iF Product Design Award.

Fritz Hansen

Evolving from bent beech wood to the firm’s specialty, laminate wood, Fritz Hansen products have launched movements that extend from the pure lines of Scandinavian modern to the first steel furniture. Today’s Republic of Fritz Hansen is built on a foundation of superior craftsmanship and original Danish design. Leading the way since its 1885 origins in Copenhagen, the company has attracted a roster of influential designers, producing iconic pieces that represent breakthrough thinking.

Switch Modern is pleased to supply the broad range of Fritz Hansen products, including early classic and current forward-looking designs. The collection extends from the famous China Chair of 1944, to the Ant Chair of 1952, to modern comfort in the Alphabet Sofa from 2008, plus a wide selection of innovative tables, lamps, and more.

GAN Gandia Blasco

GAN area rugs and furnishings are the indoor component of GANDIABLASCO, the revered foundation of the textile firm’s line. Each vibrantly colored rug is handmade with the trademark craftsmanship that has made the company famous, providing a platform for artisans from around the world. Bringing together traditional arts and innovative modern furniture designers, GAN is continuously building a portfolio of award-winning designers like Patricia Urquiola, whose work is featured in MoMA New York as well as numerous high-profile fairs and pavilions in Europe. GAN designs are meant to layer your home with warmth, color, and light. Work from the ground up with a one-of-a-kind handwoven rug and inventive tables and chairs, like the Valentina Arm Chair or the dramatic Bandas Chaise Longue, or find your “just right” eclectic mix that turns your house your home.

Gandia Blasco

Embrace the GANDIABLASCO lifestyle as expressed in this modern outdoor furniture line. Emerging from a Mediterranean environment and steeped in textile traditions, each piece is designed to emphasize the fundamentals. Gandia Blasco products respect the essential use of space, maintaining a serene, confident linear feeling that enhances the beauty of any natural outdoor environment. Choose from chairs, chaiselongues, sofas, and tables, or create an outdoor room anywhere with lightweight, weatherproof modules.    


Steeped in the Italian tradition of finely crafted cabinet and furniture-making, Giorgetti products are designed and manufactured in Brianza, Italy, as they have been for over 100 years. The remarkable freshness and innovative style of the collection demonstrates an elegance that is spare, yet full of warmth and personality.

The modern aesthetic of linear, geometric shapes is softened with occasional delicate curves, expressed in the finest woods, leather, and textiles. Switch Modern has assembled a family of beautiful, functional furnishings by Giorgetti that will work together to define and enhance your living space.

Gratz Industries

Switch Modern brings you a carefully edited collection of Gratz Industries products, including seating, table designs, and more. Each piece reflects the Gratz position as a leading manufacturer in custom metal fabrication from the early 20th century to today. Gratz quality metalwork and production has been sought out by architects like I.M. Pei and designers from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to Isamu Noguchi.

Bring that same level of excellent design and execution into your home, with pieces like the Gratz Director’s Chair, or the Tugendhat chair by Mies van der Rohe. Scroll through our complete Gratz collection for more extraordinary ideas.  


Decorate your world with beautiful, functional accessories infused with forward-looking Scandinavian design. Building on 19th century roots in Finnish glass blowing, Iittala’s accessories for the home evolved from the influence of 1930s modernism, to blend beauty and function into objects accessible to all. Their varied collections of dinnerware, flatware, glassware, and more, reflect these values of spare form, respect for function, and a touch of magic.

Indulge your love of color with intensely striped Origo ceramic serving pieces, or your love of story and decorative detail with Taika dinnerware. Accessorize your bar area with the exquisite blown glass Iitala decanter and wine glass set. You’ll recognize the original, organic designs of the Aino Aalto tumblers and large glass pitchers that have influenced a century of Scandinavian design. Beautify your everyday lifestyle with these affordable, fine quality objects from Iitala.


Established in 1949, Kartell is an Italian design company with a worldwide reputation for creating innovative, glamorous wares for the home. From its Milan headquarters, this highly respected company manages a global empire that has a presence in 130 countries; Switch Modern is pleased to belong to this exclusive group of showrooms. The Kartell brand is noted far and wide for its attractive, sensuous design and reliable functionality. The secret to this company’s success lies in its collaborations with many prominent international designers who imbue the product line with a stylish, playful vitality. Below you’ll find our Kartell lighting and furniture products—a wide range of chairs, mirrors, lamps, tables, cabinets, and much more.

Kenneth Cobonpue

Led by one of the world’s most innovative designers, Kenneth Cobonpue Furniture shows the way in a new movement that blends crafts and technologies. Named “rattan’s first virtuoso” by TIME magazine, his award-winning style attracts the eye of the rich and famous as well as Hollywood studios. Bring a breath of his Southeast Asian design into your home, with Kenneth Cobonpue upholstered goods and a complete selection of coordinated furnishings.

Choose an innovative Yin and Yang loveseat that combines organic materials with interesting geometric shapes, available for indoor or in Kenneth Cobonpue Outdoor Furniture versions and materials. Indulge your taste for drama with the Dragnet lounge chair featuring brightly colored woven net. Whether adding a coordinated collection to your home’s interior, or seeking a fun outdoor accent piece, you’ll be surrounded by furnishings that fuse locally sourced materials and handcrafted production, to create tasteful, long-lasting objects.

Limited Edition

Smartly designed and highly functional, Limited Edition rugs feature a variety of synthetic and natural materials for highly durable floor coverings that are as easy to maintain as they are stylish. The tasteful patterns and colors are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

The family-owned Belgian firm proudly maintains its facilities in the South-West Flanders area of Belgium, in keeping with the region’s long history as a center of textile making. Choose from complementary floor coverings that enhance existing décor and statement pieces like the hand-crafted rugs in the Mystic Series, composed from antique Turkish carpets that have been repurposed and enhanced to create one-of-a-kind designs. Limited Edition is a first choice among designers and architects who serve clients of the most discerning taste.


Maruni is one of Japan’s most celebrated handcrafted wood furniture manufacturers. The visionary company was at the forefront of bentwood working in the 1920s and 1930s—a technique that was considered extremely difficult at the time.

The distinctive lines and curves of Maruni furniture are unmistakable—not surprising, given the company’s dedication to developing its own carving machines and other equipment in an effort to produce ever-more sophisticated woodworking techniques. Maruni draws its inspiration from Western-style classical furniture, imparting Japanese influences into each design—the result is a distinctive style that is entirely unique.

MDF Italia

Simple is nice. This is the vision MDF Italia furniture pursues through a dedicated search for the essential elements that build comfort and visual pleasure. Each piece is designed to introduce sophistication and beauty through simplicity, while fulfilling basic functions in the home. Assembling a team of international designers, like Bruno Fattorini & Partners, Cory Grosser, Xavier Lust, Francesco Bettoni, Jean-Marie Massaud, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Jehs + Laub, Victor Vasilev, and Neuland Industrie Design, MDF Italia continues its tradition of efficiency and global connection.

The Flow dining table demonstrates the principle of simplicity, with die-cast aluminum legs and a choice of varying colors and weights of glass tabletops. The Flow line continues with armchairs in slim designs on a swivel base, or a range of shell chairs on a steel wire sled base. Choose a technologically advanced Hara sofa for electronically adjustable backrest or seat. Accent any room with the Random bookshelf in freestanding or wall unit. Its varied heights and widths create a functional, fascinating artwork that adapts to any environment. We invite you to view all of Switch Modern’s edited collection with furnishings by MDF Italia.


Switch Modern proudly offers an extensive collection of furniture by renowned manufacturer Minotti. Designed to the highest standards of Italian aesthetics, each piece is made in Italy by the most skilled, experienced craftsmen, balancing a unique blend of long tradition with modern principles and state-of-the-art technology.

Choose a Minotti couch, chair, or dining table to anchor a room you will love to live in, and surround it with their full range of furnishings. A sectional sofa, a Minotti coffee table, or a modern accent chair will define your spare, contemporary look. We share their commitment to a luxury lifestyle that unites fashion with comfort, bringing the finely detailed tailoring and reliable quality of all Minotti products to our customers.


Brighten up your home interior with fresh, innovative designs from Moooi. Fusing antique character with modern principles, and touched by a little magic, Moooi products work in any space or cultural mix. Switch Modern’s extensive offering includes a complete range of lighting, accessories, and furniture, from sturdy armchairs to puffy barstools. We’ve included a broad selection of rugs from Moooi Carpets, in unusual shapes with beautifully complex print designs. Add a bit of whimsy to any room with accessories like the Blow Away blue delft vase or the Elements 005 pouf ottoman with multiple functional features. Review the complete mix for extraordinary ideas in furnishings.  

Moooi Carpets

Brighten up your home interior with fresh, innovative carpet designs from Moooi. Fusing antique character with modern principles, and touched by a little magic, Moooi products work in any space or cultural mix. Switch Modern’s extensive offering includes Moooi’s Signatures Collection and Moooi's Works collection, in unusual shapes with beautifully complex print designs. Bring additional beauty to your home or office with this wide range of Moooi carpets for all tastes.


The contemporary rug collections by acclaimed designer Nani Marquina are distinct and inspired. From her Nomad collection, woven with ultra-soft Ghazni wool from Afghanistan’s native sheep, to the playful and colorful designs of the Sybilla collection, each piece is thoughtfully crafted to make an artistic statement.
Nanimarquina rugs serve both to enhance existing décor and act as foundational statement pieces. Many of her designs feature intentionally imperfect shapes and lines, as often found in nature, conveying freedom and self-expression. The designer plays with texture to create floor coverings that are as visually captivating as they are tactile.


Our carefully edited selections from famed Danish manufacturer Pandul lighting reflect the firm’s influential position in the history of Danish furniture design. Initially designed for the Hotel Scandinavia in Copenhagen by Hans J. Wegner, the characteristic Opala line includes iconic pieces like the Opala table and desk light, . The VIP lamp line, designed by Jorgen Gammelgaard, features a floor model with revolving shade that can turn 180 degrees in either direction and adjust up or down for height. The VIP Swing Table Lamp was immediately bought up by the Danish Arts Foundation when introduced, and it remains an icon of modern lighting design, appropriate in the halls of design history or in your modern home.

Paola Lenti

Furniture should be fun and functional all at once, whether indoors or outdoors. Paola Lenti products are designed from principles of simplicity and comfort, with inspired shapes and materials. Combining technological innovations with traditional principles of comfort and durability, materials like technical yarn are handwoven into surprisingly soft coverings, in startling or subtle colors. A child’s hanging swing becomes a sophisticated piece of furniture with pops of color that blend into any garden. Seating groups are configured for lounging by the pool or gathering on the lawn for conversation and cool drinks. Even floor coverings are offered in a variety of outdoor or indoor fabrics. Search the whole collection for your inspiration piece.


Poliform products adapt the best trends in contemporary living to create furnishings and modular systems for the whole house, and for institutional settings. Taking full advantage of innovative production methods, the family-run company continues to expand its furnishings to meet the demands of an international audience looking for sophisticated Italian design, comfort, and adaptability.

Infuse your living environment with elegant architectural lines and down-to-earth comfort, from the living room to the bedroom, the walk-in closet, or the dining area. Poliform assembles home furnishings suited to your choice of lifestyle, whether austere or plush, urban or rural. Switch Modern connects you to an extensive range of their ever-changing mix with our fast, reliable service.

Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau products combine intelligent, Italian craftsmanship with a hundred-year-plus history of success. New bestsellers join an archival collection of groundbreaking pieces to continue building a tradition of inspired design. A community of dedicated designers and technicians blend sustainability, research, and passion to uphold and extend the brand.

These inspired qualities, expressed in the finest European leather, comfort, and luxury, create an aesthetically advanced living environment for your home, office, and studio. In the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and beyond, Poltrona Frau products introduce perfection in detailing and a modern style infused with warmth.


Create a welcoming, indoor-outdoor flow with outdoor furniture that lives up to the quality and principles of the finest contemporary Italian design. RODA outdoor furniture is made to effortlessly weather outdoor use, while it reflects the elegance of indoor comfort. The collection offers a series of modular designs that blend seamlessly together in different arrangements, or integrated with other furnishings.

The collection of designers behind RODA’s innovative looks, names like Rodolfo Dordoni, Gordon Guillaumier, and Lievore Altherr Molina, are influencing and shaping many of today’s European furnishings for the built environment. Enjoy more complete outdoor living with pieces like the extendable Brick table in natural teak, or the Network line, including a mix of modular sofa and lounge chairs. In tighter metropolitan spaces, choose the Mistral line for the same inspired design with appropriately smaller dimensions.

Roll & Hill

Utilizing the incredible talents of some of the most exciting designers in the industry, Roll and Hill lamps incorporate rich materials like brass, bronze, wood, leather, and hand-blown glass for artistic lighting fixtures that enhance any space. The Roll & Hill business model is based on small-batch production, enabling the company to tailor each lighting piece to the needs and tastes of each client.

The collections by Roll & Hill include the contributions of talented designers like Lindsey Adelman, whose signature branching chandeliers are inspired by structural forms found in nature, and Rich Brilliant Willing, a trio of designers whose different points of view combine to create exciting lighting pieces. The independent designers often pair historical elements with contemporary styling for lighting that is simultaneously familiar and novel. Switch Modern has carefully selected a variety of unique pieces by Roll & Hill to help you transform your modern space.

Santa & Cole

Bring Santa & Cole products into your life knowing that they emerge from a culture of peaceful coexistence—with nature and with others. Their headquarters outside Barcelona, Spain are known as the editorial center, where ideas, designs, and designers are culled and added to the mix. Products are then produced through authorized manufacturing sites around the world, to ensure respect for sustainable values that emphasize locally made products. Switch Modern brings you an extensive collection of Santa & Cole’s innovative, modern home and industrial lighting products, from table lamps to large scale lights. Every product is designed with nature in mind as a source of inspiration and guidance.

Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille (1922-1988) was among the most prominent interior designers to earn renown in the middle of the last century. Educated in Paris, Mouille began his designing career in the studio of well-known sculptor and silversmith Gilbert LaCroix before opening his own metalworking workplace in 1945. He rapidly became recognized across the land for his innovative lighting fixtures, which were made by hand rather than machine. Today, Serge Mouille lighting products can be found in select showrooms worldwide, and Switch Modern is proud to belong to this elite circle. These lamps are both works of art and highly effective lighting solutions; all of them are made in France from the designs perfected by Mouille himself.


Stelton accessories for the home introduce the pure, simple lines of Scandinavian design to housewares that furnish our daily lives. Earning prestigious design awards year after year across the decades, our selection of Stelton accessories represents the most iconic, influential collection in the company’s long history. The Cylinda Line broke through old traditions and launched an industry-wide shift starting in the 1960s.

Enjoy the classic yet innovative cylindrical look of Cylinda‘s stainless steel coffee makers, vacuum jugs, martini sets, salt and pepper mills, and many more indispensable pieces. Accent your lighting with an echo of the same stainless steel cylinder, with the gleaming Ship’s Lamp. Acquire a Phaidon-awarded classic of best design in the cylindrical Oil Lamps, perfect for outdoor dining in style.

USM Modular Furniture

The history of USM (Ulrich Schärer Münsingen) stretches back to 1885, when it was founded as a simple hardware store in Münsingen, Switzerland. Eventually the company grew into a factory producing window fittings and similar items, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that USM began manufacturing the products that have given it a worldwide reputation: USM Haller Systems. This is a type of modular furniture that is valued for its highly flexible design and aesthetic qualities. In fact, USM Haller furniture became part of the New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 2001. Combining durable construction and formal elegance, USM modular furniture will enliven any room in your home, and Switch Modern is among the few showrooms where you can find these exceptional products.

Varenna by Poliform

Conceived with the luxury lifestyle in mind, Poliform Varenna products bring the most sophisticated, yet livable, Italian design into your home. Imbued with an international savoir-faire, each Varenna by Poliform kitchen in the Switch Modern collection reflects an innovative grasp of how we live in interior space, with function built into every inch. Understanding the need for individual expression, Varenna by Poliform makes kitchen design a flexible concept, adaptable to each home and each homeowner’s style.

Combining the right mix of elements like wood, lacquered color, stainless steel, and glass, Switch Modern tailors the modular pieces in the Poliform Varenna stable to successfully blend into a home’s ethic, from midwestern vintage to mid-century modern.


Founded in 2003, Verpan is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing products based on the work of famed designer Verner Panton (1926-1998), whose estate has officially authorized the company to produce these items. Very much in the Danish design tradition, the company creates a wide variety of furniture and lighting products. Verpan, part of the family-owned Frandsen Group, manufactures elegant designs that can be found in hotels, restaurants, and many other kinds of establishments around the world. Like the artist from whom they draw inspiration, Verpan furniture and lighting solutions are noted for their innovative style. As one of a bare handful of retailers approved to carry Verpan products, Switch Modern is proud to present these top-quality seats, rugs, tables, and other items from this revered manufacturer. Check out the catalog below to learn more about these classy interior design products.


Viccarbe pieces introduce a light, airy feel to contract furnishings, reflecting the warmth and light of their home location in Valencia, Spain. Viccarbe tables include inspired pieces like a trestle table of solid oak, rendered in minimalist, elegant lines, suitable for use in public meeting rooms or private homes. Round tables are customizable in height, diameter, and choice of materials.

Viccarbe chairs invite visitors to experience comfort in a visually pleasing environment, with furnishings by Europe’s most respected designers. Each piece is a model of contemporary innovation, like the red Holy Day chair by Jean-Marie Massaud, chosen for the new Coca-Cola offices in Ontario, or the Last Minute stool by Patricia Urquiola, used in the MTV offices on Broadway in New York. Chairs and tables from all our stellar designers, names like Naoto Fukasawa, Piero Lissoni, Arik Levy, Vincent van Duysen, and others, are built to last, with attention to detail that ensures they are practical and versatile in any office, restaurant, or wherever a flow of human traffic is welcome.

Walter Knoll

Beginning with founder Wilhelm Knoll in 1865, the tradition of seating and leather crafting has grown and evolved through parts of three centuries. Always leading the way to a new, contemporary aesthetic, the firm remains rooted in traditions of skilled craftsmanship combined with the finest materials. Today, Walter Knoll products are found in the most informed environments, wherever people seek a mix of inspired design and ergonomic function.

A community of leading designers continues to deliver groundbreaking innovations in furniture, with a mix of sofas, desks, chairs, and accent pieces that will take their place among the ranks of famous designs like the FK bucket chair, the Atelier chair, or the Bao armchair. Review our entire Walter Knoll offering to find the must-have selection for your home or office.


Featuring some of the most innovative designs in furniture for seating and reclining, Wittmann products are steeped in strikingly modern Austrian traditions that date back through generations. Precision craftsmanship and fine quality materials fulfill the vision of each forward-thinking designer who has contributed to a long line of groundbreaking creations. Armchairs that stand alone as art pieces, like the Allegasse, from a 1912 design by Josef Hoffmann, flow naturally into new classics, like the AK12 Armchair by Adolf Kirschanitz. Find sofas, occasional tables, and more, all manufactured to Wittmann’s exacting standards, and available through Switch Modern.

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