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Switch Modern Sample Sale – 11/15 thru 11/18
By David Peterson
11/8/2017 5:24:00 PM  


Switch Modern is having a seldom-seen, comprehensive sample sale from Wednesday 11/15 thru Saturday 11/18. As we make room for a number of new pieces, we’ll be saying “ciao” to an incredible assortment of furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories – all will be 30% - 90% off.

Yes… discounts of up to 90%!

Yes… the sale includes sofas, sectionals, lounge chairs, dining chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, floor and table lamps, suspension and wall lights, rugs, and outdoor furnishings… and, truly, every possible type of accessory item imaginable.

Yes… the sale includes showroom samples as well as a number of pieces that have never actually been taken out of their original packaging.

Yes… this is a great “instant gratification opportunity” to get that piece you’ve been eyeing in the showroom.

Yes… this is an amazing opportunity to get a leg up on gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Yes… there are hundreds of pieces from which to choose.

Yes… as the old adage goes, “the early bird does catch the three-seat sofa in a luxe textile.” So… for the best selection, you’ll absolutely want to get here early on Wednesday. OK… we've actually been busy pricing pieces… so, if you want to stop early, preview the sale, and if it's been priced and ready to go, you're welcome to buy it ahead of the 15th.

Yes… the brands include furniture from Flexform, Giorgetti, Bensen, Walter Knoll, Poliform, Wittmann, Kartell, Driade, Poltrona Frau, Edra, Minotti; lighting from Moooi, Flos, Louis Poulsen, Santa & Cole; rugs from Nanimarquina, Moooi; accessories from Alessi, Menu, Essey, New English, BD Barcelona, Bitossi, Seletti, Mono, Iittala, Hugo Pott.

And, yes (perhaps importantly) … complimentary prosecco will be served from 2 PM until closing each day of the sale.

Uh, and no… Switch Modern won’t be doing another sale like this again anytime soon.

Need more details, give us a call at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at info@switchmodern.com.

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Lighting Sales: Flos, Louis Poulsen, Fontana Arte, Moooi
By Chris Butler
10/7/2017 1:54:00 PM  


A dramatic installation of the Raimond suspension lamps manufactured by Moooi, Netherlands. The Raimond, Random, Non-Random, and Prop families of Moooi lighting are all discounted by 15% thru 10/19.

Switch Modern is participating in several lighting manufacturer sales in October – Flos, FontanaArte, Louis Poulsen, and Moooi. While each sale varies slightly with its ending date, all include 15% discounts from the regular price. Nearly 300 iconic and contemporary lighting designs from these manufacturers are included – many can be seen in our Atlanta showroom and all are discounted online at switchmodern.com

Michael Anistassiades’ String Lights family of spherical and conical suspension lamps for Flos (left photo) along with the designer’s luxe IC Lights range of table, floor, suspension, and wall lamps are part of the Flos sale.

Switch Modern shows over 100 Flos designs on our website – all are 15% off thru 10/19 including classics like Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni’s Arco floor lamp and contemporary designs like the Aim suspension lamps by Ronan + Erwan Bouroullec.

FontanaArte’s chic Nebra suspension lamp (upper photo) was introduced in 2016. The manufacturer’s Flute (lower left) and Serpentine (lower right) suspension lamps are among nearly 100 FontanaArte designs – lighting, furniture, and accessories – that have all been discounted by 15% thru 10/31.

Verner Panton’s Panthella lamp (left photo) designed in 1971 is now available in a smaller size and in an assortment of fun colors. Poul Henningsen’s iconic Snowball suspension lamp (right photo) from 1958 features the designer’s exploration of diffusing light through the manipulation of meticulously placed overlapping shades. These designs along with the entire range of lighting from Danish manufacturer Louis Poulsen have been discounted by 15% thru 10/29.

All Flos, Louis Poulsen, FontanaArte, and select Moooi lighting prices have been adjusted on the website to reflect a 15% discount from the regular retail price. All orders outside of Georgia ship tax free; shipping is complimentary on all orders. Many pieces can be seen in person at our Atlanta showroom – all pieces can be ordered online at our website. If you would like to double-check inventory or current lead times before placing an order, please feel free to give us a call at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at info@switchmodern.com

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Moooi Perch Lights
By Doug Henderson
9/23/2017 9:46:00 AM  


Upper photo: Perch Light Branch suspension lamp, Umut Yamac, Moooi, Netherlands, 2016. Lower photos: Detail, Perch Light bird form diffuser and designer’s sketch for the Perch Light project.

The family of Perch Lights – suspension, wall, table, and floor – was recently introduced by Moooi, Netherlands, and is now available in the United States. The forms were inspired by the designer’s simple observation of the “elegance and beauty of a bird sitting on its perch.” Each version of the Perch Light features an abstracted bird form (singly or in multiples) composed of folded paper with brass finish details that is precisely balanced on a cylindrical brass finish integrated, truncated “perch.” The bird is illuminated through contact with its “perch” allowing it to actually move/rock with a gentle touch and remain illuminated while it again finds its balance.

Perch is available in several versions – table, floor, two wall sconces (corded and recessed), and two suspension lamps (“branch” and “tree”).  Illustrated in the above photo are the table and floor versions of the Perch Light.

Perch Light was also created as a wall sconce – available in corded or recessed versions. Each version of the Perch Light is composed of steel, aluminum, and PP. Its illumination source is solid state LED – all examples are 2700 Kelvin; the wattage and associated lumens vary based upon each design within the series.

The table and floor versions of Perch Light can be ordered now for delivery in October; the suspension and wall versions have an expected delivery date in early November. For more information on any of these exciting new lighting designs from Moooi, please contact Switch Modern at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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CVL Lighting: Tetra Wall Sconce
By Doug Henderson
8/9/2017 10:01:00 AM  


Tetra wall sconce, Émilie Cathelineau, CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract, France. Left photo: A dramatic installation of Tetra sconces – eight were used to create each of these flanking “wreath” forms. Right photo: Tetra used as a single wall sconce.

The Tetra wall sconce gets its moniker from its formal geometric shape… the tetrahedron. Its four-sided form is composed of an integrated back plate that affixes to the wall or ceiling along with three visible sides – two are composed of solid brass and one of opaque polycarbonate that functions as diffuser. Tetra is offered in choice of four finishes including graphite, nickel, brass, or copper – all versions are available in polished or satin finish.

Nekayah Snider, Switch Modern’s Outside/Contract Sales Representative, remarked that “Tetra always receives an enthusiastic response whenever I present this sconce to architects and designers – its unexpected and engaging form makes it an excellent choice for hospitality interiors."


Tetra can be configured to create a number of engaging installations. Left photo: Five Tetra are installed with partially touching sides. Right photo: This group of six Tetra touch sides at the lowermost part of the installation and then are presented as if they are visually “breaking away” from the others. When the sconces are presented as adjacent, up to five sconces can share the same power source.


Left photo: Tetra can be used independently as a single source of illumination or presented in multiples to create striking assemblages of illumination. Right photo: Organized like an “illuminated wreath,” this installation of eight Tetra sconces creates an octagonal reveal on the wall or ceiling.


The designer working on this project specified a Tetra sconce at each end of the bed’s headboard in all of the hotel rooms – these not only provide illumination but function as sculptural punctuation within the wall’s expanse.



CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract has provided some line drawings of the most popular Tetra sconce installations.

Switch Modern recently started representing CVL Lighting / CVL Contract Luminaires in the United States. All of the manufacturer’s designs are meticulously hand-crafted in France; all are UL-approved making them ideal for either residential or commercial applications. For more information about the Tetra sconce or any of the manufacturer’s designs that Switch Modern presents, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Seletti Linea Lamp
By David
7/27/2017 9:13:00 AM  


The Seletti Linea lamp designed by Alessandro Zambelli is yet another playful, “illuminating” design from this Italian manufacturer. Clearly paying homage to American minimalist artist Dan Flavin’s contextual exploration of space with tubular fluorescent bulbs in the 1960s, Seletti has created a versatile tube of light that can be leaned against, mounted to, or hung on a wall, rest on a surface or the floor, or even be presented upright with the addition of a modular base.


The Linea lamp is available in a choice of six colors – green, pink, red, blue, white, or yellow. As this image illustrates, even the color of each power cord coordinates with the color of the tube. Each Linea lamp’s tube color is juxtaposed with light, natural wood that forms cylindrical encasements that are located on the top and bottom of each tube.


Left photo: Each Linea lamp features an integrated looped tab that allows the user to hang the lamp from a wall or ceiling. Flexible plastic cradle mounts/brackets are also included should the user desire to affix the lamp to the wall at a gravity-defying angle. Right photo: An optional, cruciform-shaped wooden base is available separately should the user wish to create a free-standing floor lamp.

These “light tubes” are fun and allow tremendous flexibility for presentation in clever ways. Imagine several of these suspended from a ceiling, a pair presented across each other on the floor, an arrangement mounted at different angles on a wall… perhaps even a “grove” of free-standing floor lamps. All colors of the Linea lamp including the optional base are available to order online or through Switch Modern’s Atlanta showroom. For more information about Linea or any piece within Seletti’s extensive range, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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CVL Lighting – Earth Wall Sconces
By Doug Henderson
7/25/2017 12:41:00 PM  


Sun wall sconce, Émilie Cathelineau, CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract, France. Part of the designer’s Earth collection that features six new wall sconce designs. Illustrated here is the Sun version with an engaging pattern of radiating linear perforations – each in varying lengths and culminating in a circle of varying diameters.

The Earth wall sconce collection from CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract, France, was recently created by Émilie Cathelineau and sports six different designs – Sober, Radian, Sun, Mandala, Palm, and Turtle. All feature a disc form – most with decorative perforations that diffuse light in spectacular ways. Many of the Earth sconces are available in two sizes.


The Earth wall sconce collection is available in several satin finishes – brass, nickel, copper, and graphite – noted here are magnified images of each of the six different designs illustrating their respective decorative perforations.


Radian wall sconce, Émilie Cathelineau, CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract, France. With perforations that mimic a fan, Radian creates a fabulous interplay of light and shadow.


Sober wall sconce, Émilie Cathelineau, CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract, France. As its name suggests, Sober is the only example within the Earth collection that does not feature disc perforations – this sconce diffuses light in a uniform fashion around the disc perimeter.

Switch Modern has recently started representing CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract in the United States. All of the manufacturer’s designs are meticulously hand-crafted in France; all are UL-approved making them ideal for either residential or commercial applications. For more information about any of the wall sconces in CVL’s Earth collection or any of the other CVL Lighting / CVL Luminaires Contract designs that Switch Modern presents, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Ingo Maurer Lucellino LED + Delight Lamps
By Doug Henderson
7/18/2017 8:31:00 AM  


Lucellino LED lamp, Ingo Maurer, Germany, 1992/2015. This design icon from the early 1990s is one of Ingo Maurer’s best known lighting designs. Its name is a clever portmanteau – in Italian, “luce” means light and “uccellino” translates as little bird. Its form is quite literally a proprietary light bulb with affixed hand-crafted goose feather wings that has been “tethered” to its thin brass flexible support wire support and soldered to its thin red power cord. The base plate of Lucellino LED is equipped with a touch sensor for switching and continuous dimming. Lucellino is included in the permanent collections of several museums worldwide including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Philadelphia Museum of Art; and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.


With Lucellino, Ingo Maurer’s treatment of the bulb form is an integral part of the lamp’s overall aesthetic. Employing elaborate LED technology that was developed collaboratively by Ingo Maurer and Toshiba Materials, the goal was to update Lucellino by creating an LED bulb form that mimics the aesthetics associated with the frosted bulb of the original design yet also dims like an incandescent bulb. The resulting TRI-R bulb is a technological masterpiece and is difficult to distinguish from the bulb used in the lamp’s original design. It’s manufactured exclusively for Ingo Maurer and can only be used in Lucellino LED. Left photo from Ingo Maurer illustrates the first batch of Lucellino LED lamps being produced.


Delight lamp, Frans van Nieuwenborg and Martijn Wegman, Ingo Maurer, Germany, 1980. Like Lucellino, this fabulously conceptual design is another Ingo Maurer icon. Delight is such a simple, clever piece… it features a special heat-resistant white fiberglass square cIoth with an integrated bulb socket in the center around which the soft cloth with its luxe woven subtle shimmer can be “draped” in various ways by the user to create an “illuminated object” – functioning in this photo as a table lamp.


With its integrated loop tab on one side, Delight can also be hung on a wall functioning like a sconce – gravity also assists with the way in which the cloth drapes. For many years, the manufacturer recommended a frosted incandescent 40 watt E27 base bulb for use with the lamp. With the advent of LED technology, clearly other bulb options (and associated resulting aesthetics) are now available. Delight is included in the permanent collections of several museums worldwide including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Philadelphia Museum of Art; and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Switch Modern has just started adding Ingo Maurer lighting designs to its website. For more information about either Lucellino LED or Delight as well as any other extraordinary lamp manufactured by Ingo Maurer, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Seletti Mouse Lamps
By Roy Otwell
6/26/2017 8:29:00 AM  


The Seletti Mouse lamps have just arrived at Switch Modern and are available both online and through our fun Seletti-branded shop within our Atlanta showroom. Like the Seletti Monkey lamps, they’ve already been a hit. We just love this image of a thoroughly bewildered cat surrounded by these adorable decorative lamps. (photo credit: elestudiostore)


The Seletti Mouse lamps are available in three versions – scampering, standing, and sitting – each cast resin white finish mouse holds an E12 1 watt LED exposed bulb (included) with 98.4” of white cord.


Left photo: Seletti Mouse lamps – standing and sitting versions. Right photo: Designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba having some fun with his new lighting design for Seletti. Like the designer’s Seletti Monkey lamps, the Mouse lamps are amusing, quirky, kitschy, adorable, and, frankly, just downright clever. All versions of the Mouse lamp are available to order online at switchmodern.com

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Jaime Hayon Formakami Lamps
By Doug Henderson
6/14/2017 9:54:00 AM  


Jaime Hayon’s Formakami lamps were introduced in 2015 by Danish manufacturer & Tradition. These suspension lamps are composed of hand-crafted soft white rice paper and punctuated with collars in black-stained oak. Formakami is available in three shapes – each features a distinct upper form that culminates in a truncated sphere. Right side photo (from left to right): The &Tradition Formakami JH4, JH3, JH5 lamps.

“Lamps play such an important role in people’s lives. For some cultures, they chase away the darkness by bringing hope. I’ve tried to keep this emotional angle about light – in a lamp that also appears light. By making the bottom part of the lamp open, the idea is to bring even more illumination to people everywhere in the world.” – Jaime Hayon


Left photo: A dining table is illuminated by the bulbous JH5 Formakami lamp. Right photo: The striking capsule form of the JH3 Formakami lamp. All versions of the lamp include 157” of black cord affording Formakami’s use with tall ceilings.

Switch Modern shows all of these lamps online as well as in our Atlanta showroom – in fact, all three versions are included in our upcoming pop-up exhibition entitled, Jaime Hayon @ Switch Modern. In addition to the lighting developed for &Tradition, this exhibition will also include Hayon’s furniture and accessory designs for several other European manufacturers - BD Barcelona, Fritz Hansen, Moooi, Nani Marquina, and Wittmann. Switch Modern’s exhibition will be presented in our showroom from June 23 through July 23 with an opening reception on the evening of June 22 – we are delighted that Jaime Hayon will be in attendance. If you would like to join us, please click here for an invitation in order to RSVP. For more information about Jaime Hayon’s lighting designs for &Tradition, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Santa & Cole Lighting: Spotlight on Design Event
By Scott Reilly
6/13/2017 7:54:00 AM  


An impromptu exhibition of various Santa & Cole lighting designs – table, floor, and suspension lamps representing both classics and recently introduced pieces – was installed in anticipation of Switch Modern’s Spotlight on Design event at our Atlanta showroom on June 1.


Roy Otwell (center), Co-Owner, Switch Modern, enjoys a laugh and greets the group from Santa & Cole that included Nina Ordeig, Marketing Director (left); Nina Masó, Co-Founder (center); and Manuel Mestre, US Managing Director (right). Masó and Ordeig traveled from Barcelona specifically to introduce the 2017 lighting designs to select design audiences in United States. Atlanta was the first stop of a tour that includes Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. In 1985, Masó co-founded Santa & Cole with Gabriel Ordeig Cole and Javier Nieto Santa.


Doug Henderson (standing left), Co-Owner, Switch Modern, introduces our distinguished guests from Santa & Cole who provided an illustrated presentation of this Spanish company’s 30+ year history while presenting several of the actual lighting prototypes that will be available in 2017. In addition to the presentation, attendees enjoyed an assortment of Spanish wines and hors d’oeuvres.


Assisted by her daughter, Nina Ordeig, Santa & Cole co-founder, Nina Masó, demonstrates new pieces like Tekio – a fascinating modular tubular paper lamp that can be combined in seemingly endless ways. Left photo: Masó is holding the basic Tekio modular element – akin to a tubular accordion. Right photo: Masó places Tekio on the demonstration table and illustrates the way in which LED light will be diffused through the form. Each of Tekio’s circular wooden ends contains magnets that allow the user to easily connect elements to assemble a range of forms.


Throughout the presentation Nina Masó demonstrated the versatility and function of several of Santa & Cole’s classic designs as well as several new pieces like Cestita Bateria (left) – this iconic midcentury design is now available in a cordless version with a rechargeable battery. And… Santa & Cole is more than just innovative lighting… Masó demonstrates the award-winning versatile Belloch stacking chair. Designed in 2009, Belloch is available in several colors and provides a fabulous visual and textural juxtaposition of plastic seat and back with natural beech wood legs. An outdoor version of the chair features aluminum legs.


Left photo: Tekio, Anthony Dickens, 2017. Tekio is a paper lamp that is available in a standard modular section – the ends of which are attached by magnets. This phenomenal lighting designs allows elements to be connected in seemingly endless ways – illustrated here as circular suspension lamp. Right photo: Cestita Bateria, Miguel Milá, 2017. Cestita has been an icon since its introduction in the early 1960s – Santa & Cole has recently introduced the lamp with a rechargeable battery that allows it to be used without a cord. As with all of Milá’s objects, Cestita strikes a balance between rational functionalism and the legacy of local artisan creation.


Left photo: Gira, Massana, Tremoleda, Ferrer, 1978 (reissued 2017). Conceived in 1978, Gira was originally produced by Mobles 114, an editing company founded by Massana and Tremoleda. Santa & Cole has reedited this classic with a black, natural anodized aluminum, or brass shade. Cirio Cascada, Antoni Arola, 2017. Cirio Cascada is the newest member of the Cirio family allowing light to vertically punctate a space by way of being hung at different heights from a variety of rectilinear or circular canopies. Cirio’s diffusers are available in white porcelain, white opal glass, and brass.

Switch Modern shows a substantive collection of Santa & Cole’s lighting designs both online and in our Atlanta showroom – many of the pieces are now also available through our Quick Ship Program. For more information about any of these designs including lead times for any of the aforementioned 2017 introductions, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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