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Moooi Perch Lights
By Doug Henderson
9/23/2017 9:46:00 AM  


Upper photo: Perch Light Branch suspension lamp, Umut Yamac, Moooi, Netherlands, 2016. Lower photos: Detail, Perch Light bird form diffuser and designer’s sketch for the Perch Light project.

The family of Perch Lights – suspension, wall, table, and floor – was recently introduced by Moooi, Netherlands, and is now available in the United States. The forms were inspired by the designer’s simple observation of the “elegance and beauty of a bird sitting on its perch.” Each version of the Perch Light features an abstracted bird form (singly or in multiples) composed of folded paper with brass finish details that is precisely balanced on a cylindrical brass finish integrated, truncated “perch.” The bird is illuminated through contact with its “perch” allowing it to actually move/rock with a gentle touch and remain illuminated while it again finds its balance.

Perch is available in several versions – table, floor, two wall sconces (corded and recessed), and two suspension lamps (“branch” and “tree”).  Illustrated in the above photo are the table and floor versions of the Perch Light.

Perch Light was also created as a wall sconce – available in corded or recessed versions. Each version of the Perch Light is composed of steel, aluminum, and PP. Its illumination source is solid state LED – all examples are 2700 Kelvin; the wattage and associated lumens vary based upon each design within the series.

The table and floor versions of Perch Light can be ordered now for delivery in October; the suspension and wall versions have an expected delivery date in early November. For more information on any of these exciting new lighting designs from Moooi, please contact Switch Modern at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Extraordinary Mirrors
By Scott Reilly
9/6/2017 9:48:00 AM  


Left photo: The Miraggio mirror designed by the Campana Brothers for Edra, Italy, in 2009 features an assemblage of laser-cut pieces of varying sizes that have been “stitched” together to create a reflective surface that blurs the boundaries of fine art and design. Right photo: The Francis mirror recently designed by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture, France, explores the aesthetics associated with the interaction of pigments with fluid – available in several engaging colorways.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall – which of you is actually the fairest of them all? Hmmm... let’s see… with over 70 incredible options from nearly 20 design manufacturers, that’s not an easy answer. Well… actually it is easy… of course, it’s all of them! Ranging from wall-mounted to leaning, rectilinear and round to atypical and amorphic, from early 20th century designs through postmodern, contemporary, and avant garde, Switch Modern offers an amazing range of mirrors – all have a common denominator… your reflection will be contextualized within an extraordinary design.


Left photo: Eduard Samso’s Mirallmar mirror from 1991 features an assemblage of deconstructed reflective squares and is now considered an icon of postmodern design. Right photo: Jaime Hayon’s playful treatment of his 2016 King Kong mirror form “reflects” this designer’s burgeoning iconographic visual vocabulary. Chronologically separated by 25 years, both mirrors are manufactured by BD Barcelona, Spain.


Switch Modern shows nearly 20 different mirrors created by critically-acclaimed designers for Glas Italia, Italy. Left photo: Alessandro Mendini’s Lesena employs the schematic shape of a column. Right photo: Johanna Grawunder’s Color on Color mirror sports rectilinear fields of overlapping color.


Two striking floor mirrors from Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia – Kooh-I-Noor (left photo) and Paradox (right photo). Both leaning floor mirrors are characterized by their fabulously irregular perimeters – each functions on a highly sculptural level and will instantly become a focal point in any interior.


Some early 20th century classics – Antoni Gaudi’s iconic Calvet mirror (center photo) from 1902 is flanked by two 1927 designs by Eileen Gray – the Castellar mirror (left photo) manufactured by ClassiCon, Germany, is hinged so that the user can swing out the upper left square; the designer’s Satellite mirror (right photo) produced by Ecart International, France, sports an integrated light that can be rotated (and reflected) within the mirror. The clever features that Gray has integrated into these two mirrors are not only practical, they provide great visual interest.


Ren Standing Mirror (left photo) designed by Neri & Hu for Poltrona Frau, Italy, provides a luxe combination of materials – brass finish, saddle leather, and walnut. The Narcisse floor mirror (center photo) manufactured by Giorgetti, Italy, is another example of the sophisticated aesthetics achieved by combining the mirror’s reflective surface within a frame of bronze finish and solid canaletto wood. Marcel WandersDream Wall mirror (right photo) for Poliform infuses minimalism with grandeur through its large-scale leaning form.


Combining the effects of molded polycarbonate and the material’s inherent translucency, Kartell has created some remarkable mirrors. Ludovica + Roberto Palomba’s All Saints Mirror from 2013 is flanked by Philippe Starck’s Francois Ghost mirror (left) from 2004 and Only Me mirror (right) from 2012. Not only are all available in different sizes, all are available in clear/transparent as well as a range of translucent and opaque colors.

For more information on any of these extraordinary mirrors manufactured by Alessi, BD Barcelona, Bensen, ClassiCon, Driade, Edra, GAN Gandia Blasco, Giorgetti, Glas Italia, Haymann, Hive, Kartell, Kenneth Cobonpue, Moooi, Petite Friture, Poliform, Poltrona Frau, and Verpan, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Replacement Covers… Bensen, Flexform, Giorgetti, Poliform, Walter Knoll, Zanotta
By Roy Otwell
7/20/2017 7:57:00 AM  


Groundpiece sectional, Antonio Citterio, Flexform, 2001. Since its introduction, Groundpiece has been one of Flexform’s most popular seating systems.

Many of the European brands that Switch Modern represents use tailor-made upholstery covers that are cleverly affixed to the upholstered form’s structure and cushions. Several sofas, sectionals, beds, and lounge chairs from a range of manufacturers – Bensen, Flexform, Giorgetti, Poliform, Walter Knoll, and Zanotta – all provide replacement covers for most pieces within their respective collections. Most even still produce these replacement covers for designs that have long been out of production. At a fraction of the cost of what a new example of the same piece would cost, new replacement upholstery covers represent a wonderful way to renew and refresh an existing piece that you’ve enjoyed over the years while protecting your long-term investment.


In addition to Groundpiece, the Flexform Patrik sofa shown in this print ad from 1985 was popular for years. You always loved the upholstery on this piece but perhaps your adorable pets also “loved” Patrik’s original upholstery way too much? Regardless of when they were purchased, all Flexform furniture pieces were an investment worthy of protecting by simply refreshing these pieces with new upholstery recovers.



Upper photo: Neo Sectional and Neo Sofa, Bensen, 1998. Lower photo: Canyon sectional seating system, Bensen, 2002. Designed by Niels Bendsten, the Neo and Canyon seating ranges have been popular since their respective introductions. Allright… you’ve become tired of that late 1990s fashion color upholstery that you originally ordered but you still really enjoy the comfort and look of these sectionals… replacement covers are the answer.


The Onto bed designed by Niels Bendsten in 1996 has been a Bensen classic for two decades… you still love the form and associated ergonomics but have become tired of the way the upholstered headboard looks after 15 years. It’s so easy to simply keep the bed and just order replacements covers. Swapping these out is easy and your bed will look and feel new again.


The iconic Gilda lounge chair (1954) and Sacco chair (1968) have been produced for years by Zanotta. Replacement covers are available for all upholstered Zanotta designs at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire piece.

Whether your piece is still in production or now long out-of-production, all were designed with removable upholstery to not only enable periodic cleaning of the textile covers, but to actually change it up when you desire something different – color, pattern, or texture. Switch Modern provides quotations on a regular basis for replacement covers for various manufacturers that we represent. Please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com to get a quotation as well as review current textile options available.

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David Trubridge Navicula Lamp
By Doug Henderson
5/11/2017 9:45:00 AM  


The Navicula lamp, like so many of David Trubridge’s lighting designs, was inspired by a form that occurs in nature. Here, the designer’s muse was the diatomic boat-shaped algae also known as Navicula – quite literally from the Latin meaning “small ship.”


Microscopic detail of navicula algae. The Navicula lamp’s namesake is a critical part of the global ecology – actually responsible for approximately 25% of the oxygen in Earth’s biosphere.

The Navicula lamp’s flowing, segmented form is composed of precision computer-controlled cut bamboo plywood and is lit from within by a row of LED pinpoint lights. Its resulting modular design has allowed Navicula to be easily shipped in a flat pack fashion and quickly assembled by the end user with push-in nylon clips.



Navicula’s curved form, coupled with its striking fenestration, diffuses light in the most hypnotic way.

Navicula is available in three sizes varying in lengths – 57”, 77”, and 100”. The form’s engaging curves not only create a wonderful juxtaposition suspended above an oval or rectilinear surface, its diffused light is downright mesmerizing. For additional information about Navicula or any of David Trubridge’s extraordinary lighting designs, please contact us at 404-605-0196.

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By Regan
5/10/2017 9:10:00 AM  


Shift, lounge chair, Jonas Forsman, Moooi, Netherlands. With Shift, the designer celebrates the time-honored foldable function with engaging new aesthetics and heightened comfort. Illustrated in the warm ochre and blue gray colorways.

Designed by Jonas Forsman, the Moooi Shift chair and Shift lounge chair challenge preconceived notions of how a folding chair can look. Most of us think of those tubular metal frame, flat pad chairs that were often quickly “worked” around a dining table to accommodate additional guests – always practical, yet always profoundly perfunctory. With the Shift chair (and its larger Shift lounge version), Forsman has retained all of the wonderful associated function and flexibility of the folding chair yet “dressed” it with unexpected textures and colorways – these not only engender a thoroughly new aesthetic but a remarkably comfortable experience for the user.


Shift dining chair in the red colorway. Shift is easily folded creating a compact footprint for storage.

According to Forsman, he has “always been intrigued by objects that shift shape, transform and adapt to different situations. When folded, the chair is flat to facilitate shipping and storing, yet once unfolded it acquires a rounded, three-dimensional shape thanks to its comfy outfit, with a soft knitted backrest and padded seat."


Left photo: Shift chairs in the blue gray colorway around a Moooi Container dining table by Marcel Wanders. Right photo: Shift lounge chair in profile. Either version of Shift provides the same function and associated flexibility of the ubiquitous folding chair yet has been recontextualized through an innovative combination of knitted backrest textile, painted frame, and generously padded seat.

The Shift chair and lounge are lightweight and effortlessly moved around within an interior – it’s also easily collapsed and stored should you wish to do so. Either version of Shift is available in three colorway combinations – bright red, warm ochre, and blue gray – each creates fabulous juxtapositional synergies between the painted frame, knitted backrest textile, and upholstered seat textile. Please contact Switch Modern at 404-605-0196 to review these options along with current delivery times. If you are in Atlanta or find yourself passing through, please drop by and check out the pair of Shift lounge chairs that recently arrived in our West Midtown showroom.

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Seletti Monkey Lamps
By Roy Otwell
5/9/2017 9:27:00 AM  


Seletti Monkey lamps – swinging (wall), seated (table), climbing (suspension), standing (floor) – are a “barrel of laughs” and were designed to both engage and delight.

There’s a whole lot of “monkey business” going on inside Switch Modern these days! In addition to the popular Seletti Monkey lamps, we’ve also added over 100 designs from this Italian design brand to our website. In the process of unpacking these engaging pieces for display in our Atlanta showroom, we have collectively arrived at an observation… nothing grabs one’s attention quite like a cast resin monkey engaged in a number of activities while holding an exposed lightbulb.

The Seletti Monkey lamps are amusing, quirky, kitschy, adorable, and, frankly, just downright clever… a seated monkey with an outward gaze clutching a bulb close to its head functions as a table lamp; a standing monkey with an upward gaze becomes a floor lamp holding a bulb like a torch with its outstretched arm; another monkey carries (or even dangles) its bulb while scaling an interior wall and yet another balances its light bulb while traversing a rope as it suspends from a ceiling. Each Monkey lamp’s “clenched hand” has a center opening that allows great flexibility in how you wish to present the light bulb – upright and in place or downward with cord dangling. Available in white or black, each Monkey lamp version sports a matching cord with inline on/off switch that simply plugs into an existing electrical outlet – this affords great flexibility regarding the use and placement of each within an interior. Each Monkey lamp includes a warm white LED bulb; an optional white or black pleated shade is also available for use with any version.

Seletti Monkey lamps are available in white or black – matching, optional bulb shades are also available. The black version can even be used outdoors.

All versions of the Monkey lamp in either finish are available to order online or through Switch Modern’s Atlanta showroom.

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By Roy
5/5/2017 10:19:00 AM  



While Switch Modern regularly donates important design objects to various museums to augment their permanent collections, we also give pieces and gift certificates to assist not-for-profit organizations with their respective fundraisings efforts. We are pleased to highlight an upcoming auction that benefits TACT (The Actors Company Theater) based in New York. Switch Modern has donated a number of fabulous items this year – accessories and lighting from Alessi, Bitossi, Stelton, Kartell, Louis Poulsen, Rosenthal, Santa & Cole – along with a several gift certificates in various denominations in order benefit the organization’s annual silent auction. And, you don’t have to be in New York to bid… the auction is available online. We encourage you to bid on some great items while supporting a wonderful not-for-profit organization.

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Neri & Hu
By Scott Reilly
5/4/2017 8:27:00 AM  



Neri & Hu refers to the Shangahi-based interdisciplinary architectural husband and wife design team of Lyndon Neri and Rosanna Hu. The duo met in 2002 while they were working for the late American architect Michael Graves on his renovation of Shanghai’s landmark Three on the Bund project. Within a year, they had established Design Republic – a Shanghai showroom retailing contemporary design; in the following year, they established Neri & Hu Design and Research Offices.


Neri & Hu’s Ren Collection for Poltrona Frau, Italy, features a range of small home furnishings – wall mirror/coat rack, occasional table, freestanding mirror/coat rack, valet, console/dressing table – all expressed in a luxe combination of materials.

Over the ensuing years, their firm has designed a number of architectural and interiors projects in Shanghai, Seoul, Hong Kong, Milan, Cologne, Zhengzhou – bars, restaurants, hotels, offices, showrooms, and exhibition stands. In addition to the home furnishing and accessories they have created for their namesake brand, Neri & Hu have also designed a number of pieces for Arflex, BD Barcelona, ClassiCon, De La Spada, Fritz Hansen, Gandia Blasco, JIA, LEMA, Moooi, Nanimarquina, Meritalia, Offect, Parachilna, Poltrona Frau, Porro, and Stellar Works.


The designers pictured with their Comrades tables designed for Moooi, Netherlands (left); a detail of their Remnant 2 rug also for Moooi (right).

Lyndon Neri (born 1965 in the Philippines) received his Master of Architecture at Harvard University and his Bachelor of Architecture at UC Berkeley. Rosanna Hu (born 1965 in Taiwan) received her Master of Architecture and Urban Planning at Princeton University and her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at UC Berkeley.


Neri & Hu’s Jian range of outdoor seating and tables for Gandia Blasco, Spain.

Switch Modern shows a number of Neri & Hu’s designs from several manufacturers – seating, tables, lighting, mirrors, rugs, consoles, outdoor furniture – at our website along with several pieces within our Atlanta showroom.

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Bensen Sleeper Sofa
By Chris
4/28/2017 12:28:00 PM  



The Bensen Sleeper Sofa designed by Niels Bendtsen is not your ordinary “sofa bed.” What we love about this piece is that it’s simply a great-looking minimalist, low-profile sofa design with clean lines and tailored details. With a form that effortlessly blends within any interior, Bensen’s Sleeper sofa functions beautifully for sitting and relaxing yet easily converts into an impromptu, comfortable single bed whenever you need one.



Bensen’s impetus for the design was that “conventional sofa beds involve complex, heavy systems of springs and levers that require several motions or placements – the result is inadequate spring suspension and poor cushioning that compromises comfort in sleeping or sitting. What differentiates the Sleeper from other sofa beds is that the fully supported foam seat and back changes position in one smooth motion.”




Sleeper features a welded steel frame that not only provides internal strength but creates a relative levity compared to wood for ease in moving the piece. The padding is composed of high-resilience foam that has been layered in various densities. Niels Bendtsen developed a unique pivoting system that uses gravity and Sleeper’s own weight to lock itself into place, allowing for an effortless transition from a sofa to a bed. Expertly tailored upholstery is available in a wide range of Danish and Italian textiles that Bensen fabricates as removable covers – all with precisely integrated Velcro that affixes perfectly to the form. These removable covers are ideal for periodic cleaning and can easily be replaced to change up the color and texture while retaining your investment in the sofa. For more information, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com.

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We Remain “Blown Away”
By John
4/27/2017 7:56:00 AM  


Moooi Blown Away


Swedish design collective, Front, metaphorically “blew us away” with their Blow Away vase for Moooi, Netherlands, that expertly marries the centuries old tradition of Delftware (white and blue tin-glazed Dutch earthenware) with 21st century technology to enable its remarkable form.




Front approached its Blow Away design by converting the physical form of a Delftware vase into a digitized 3D file and then subjected this now “virtual vase” to simulated wind in order to capture its resulting aesthetic. By freezing this animation, they were able to convert this virtually engendered form into an actual Delftware vase mold that appears to have wind gushing through it – Blow Away is the physical manifestation of a virtual moment. These newly formed mold parameters afforded the mechanism for serially producing the vase. Royal Delft, the legendary Dutch pottery founded in 1653, fabricates Blow Away for Moooi; as with all of Royal Delft’s pieces, each example is hand-decorated.




Given the inherent design significance of this piece, Switch Modern donated an example of Blow Away to Atlanta’s High Museum of Art for its permanent collection of decorative arts and design.

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