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Switch Modern Sample Sale – 11/15 thru 11/18
By David Peterson
11/8/2017 5:24:00 PM  


Switch Modern is having a seldom-seen, comprehensive sample sale from Wednesday 11/15 thru Saturday 11/18. As we make room for a number of new pieces, we’ll be saying “ciao” to an incredible assortment of furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories – all will be 30% - 90% off.

Yes… discounts of up to 90%!

Yes… the sale includes sofas, sectionals, lounge chairs, dining chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, floor and table lamps, suspension and wall lights, rugs, and outdoor furnishings… and, truly, every possible type of accessory item imaginable.

Yes… the sale includes showroom samples as well as a number of pieces that have never actually been taken out of their original packaging.

Yes… this is a great “instant gratification opportunity” to get that piece you’ve been eyeing in the showroom.

Yes… this is an amazing opportunity to get a leg up on gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Yes… there are hundreds of pieces from which to choose.

Yes… as the old adage goes, “the early bird does catch the three-seat sofa in a luxe textile.” So… for the best selection, you’ll absolutely want to get here early on Wednesday. OK… we've actually been busy pricing pieces… so, if you want to stop early, preview the sale, and if it's been priced and ready to go, you're welcome to buy it ahead of the 15th.

Yes… the brands include furniture from Flexform, Giorgetti, Bensen, Walter Knoll, Poliform, Wittmann, Kartell, Driade, Poltrona Frau, Edra, Minotti; lighting from Moooi, Flos, Louis Poulsen, Santa & Cole; rugs from Nanimarquina, Moooi; accessories from Alessi, Menu, Essey, New English, BD Barcelona, Bitossi, Seletti, Mono, Iittala, Hugo Pott.

And, yes (perhaps importantly) … complimentary prosecco will be served from 2 PM until closing each day of the sale.

Uh, and no… Switch Modern won’t be doing another sale like this again anytime soon.

Need more details, give us a call at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at info@switchmodern.com.

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Alessi Sale: 20% Off Thru 10/9 + Free Shipping + Gift
By Guillermo Vargas
10/2/2017 9:41:00 AM  


Alessi Sale… thru 10/9 all Alessi designs* are discounted 20% - both in store and at switchmodern.com – all orders receive complimentary shipping; orders over $100 also receive a free gift. This photo illustrates (from left to right) some of Alessi’s now iconic designs from the 20th and 21st centuries – Starck Juicy Salif (1990), Graves Bird Kettle (1985), Sottsass Condiment Set (1978), Sapper Todo Cheese Grater (2004), Graves Pepper Mill (1988), Giovannoni Fruit Mama (1993), Campana Brothers Blow Up Basket (2004), Sapper 9090 Espresso Maker (1979), and Giovannoni Mami Stockpot (1999).

Switch Modern’s Alessi Columbus Day promotional sale continues through Monday, October 9. During the sale, all Alessi designs* have been discounted 20% - both at switchmodern.com and within our Alessi Store in Atlanta. All orders will receive complimentary shipping; all orders shipped outside of Georgia are tax free; orders over $100 will also receive a free Marcel Wanders design reusable tote bag. Switch Modern’s Alessi selections are so extensive we’ve actually divided the brand into several categories online – Alessi, 2017 Fall/Winter, 2017 Spring/Summer, Coffee and Tea, Dinnerware, Flatware, Glassware, and Holiday. Looking for something specific? Want to check current stock? Feel free to give us a call at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at alessi@switchmodern.com.

With all orders over $100 placed thru 10/9, you will receive a free reusable plasticized Alessi tote bag with a design by Marcel Wanders. The tote’s panels are stitched together as are its integrated black handles. Each large panel of the tote has an engaging image of a snail wearing pearls (left image); each side panel sports a black and white graphic (right image). The tote bag measures 15” width x 8” depth x 13” height when fully opened. This will be included (folded) within your order’s parcel.

Remember… the Alessi sale ends next Monday evening. Lock into your 20% discount by placing your online order before midnight on October 9.

* excludes limited editions, flatware, and silver.

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Zanotta Sacco Chair History
By David Peterson
9/27/2017 10:26:00 AM  


Sacco chair (transparent prototype), designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro, Zanotta, Italy.

On the occasion of the Sacco chair’s 40th anniversary in 2008, Zanotta interviewed co-designer, Piero Gatti, who provided some wonderful information about history of the chair’s development that Switch Modern is eager to share.

“I remember that period quite well, because these days everyone is asking me to tell them the story of the ‘60s and Sacco and the meeting with Aurelio Zanotta. Four decades have passed since then, but evidently this informal armchair continues pleasing.” Referring to his co-designers, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro (both are now deceased), Gatti had remarked that “we had a lot of fun and I miss our moments together."

Left photo: A vintage marketing photo of the Sacco chair. Right photo: A group portrait of the designers from the 1960s – Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, Franco Teodoro.

Zanotta asked Gatti about his special memories associated with the Sacco chair. Gatti responded, “It was 1967, and ergonomics was still a pioneering concept. The three of us (we had already worked together) were thinking about a flexible chair, something different – not the same old armchair. Something that followed body movements. In those years, the concept of the relationship with the body was strongly felt at all levels – art, music, literature and fashion. And this concept was more or less quietly recurring when it came to design. After a series of experiments, the first version of Sacco was a PVC, reinforced, transparent object filled with polystyrene balls. It had a handle so it could be moved around easily. I want to stress that this was not a “pop” invention for us, but rather a precise project. It was a researched and rational object made of two hexagonal shapes comprising the upper and lower bases, and segments that fit together with a series of seams. The first thing we did was to obtain segments sewn by our mothers that were 170 cm long, made with a transparent, plastic material. Then we found an artisan who made driver’s license holders and we asked him to use the same plastic to make us a prototype. We took pictures of it. After this test, we continued through alternating phases. First, we had a contact in the U.S. following a publication in an American magazine (Long Furniture Daily), we also went to 3M and then department store Macy’s saw the magazine and their proposal took us by complete surprise. They wanted to know if we could produce 10,000 pieces right away! This is when we met with Zanotta. He understood the force behind Sacco and was able to immediately start working on the first functional prototypes. The rest is history.”

As we fast forward to 2017 and the soon-to-be 50th anniversary of Sacco, the lounge chair’s original size has been joined by two smaller versions – Sacco Medium and Sacco Small – the latter is popular for children. In addition to the range of solid color textiles and leathers, Sacco is now available in select patterns. The recently introduced VIP textile is available in 9 colors – its thick composition makes it ideal for contract applications; it can even be used outdoors!

Left photo: Sacco being used outdoors. Right photo: In addition to a range of solid and patterned textiles, Sacco is available in a leather version.

Left photo: Zanotta’s new VIP thick textile can even be used outdoors – it’s available in nine solid colors. Right photo: Sacco is now available in three sizes – the small version is perfect for children.

This iconic design is part of the permanent collections of a staggering 27 museums worldwide including The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Paris; Museo del Design, Milan; Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin; Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris; Design Museum, Gent; Powerhouse Museum, Sydney; and Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.

You can now experience the Sacco chair first hand at Switch Modern’s Atlanta showroom. For more information about this design or any of Zanotta’s extensive range of home furnishings, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Seletti Banana Lamps
By Nekayah Snider
9/12/2017 2:35:00 PM  


Seletti Banana lamps designed by Studio Job. From left to right: Dewey, Huey, and Louie.

The much-anticipated Banana lamps by Studio Job are finally in production by Seletti. The table lamp is being offered in three slightly different “peeled” versions – Huey, Dewey, and Louie – affectionately named after the triplet nephews of Walt Disney’s Donald Duck. Each version features a realistic, detailed cast-resin form with a glamorously unexpected exterior gold finish – the banana-shaped diffuser is glass with a dimmable LED illumination source.

Left photo: Playful sketch by Studio Job for its Peeled Banana Lamp. Right photo: A group of limited edition bronze-cast Banana lamps that studio Job created for a gallery exhibition in Belgium.

Dewey, Huey, and Louie are based upon the group of seven Banana lamps that Studio Job created for the 2015 Banana Show exhibition at the Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery, Belgium. Each of the latter were cast in bronze in editions of 6 that are offered on the art market for $15K - $20K each.

The Seletti Banana lamps can be physically seen in our Atlanta showroom and ordered now in store or online – the first “bunches” will be shipping in late October. For more information on any of the Banana lamps, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Extraordinary Mirrors
By Scott Reilly
9/6/2017 9:48:00 AM  


Left photo: The Miraggio mirror designed by the Campana Brothers for Edra, Italy, in 2009 features an assemblage of laser-cut pieces of varying sizes that have been “stitched” together to create a reflective surface that blurs the boundaries of fine art and design. Right photo: The Francis mirror recently designed by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture, France, explores the aesthetics associated with the interaction of pigments with fluid – available in several engaging colorways.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall – which of you is actually the fairest of them all? Hmmm... let’s see… with over 70 incredible options from nearly 20 design manufacturers, that’s not an easy answer. Well… actually it is easy… of course, it’s all of them! Ranging from wall-mounted to leaning, rectilinear and round to atypical and amorphic, from early 20th century designs through postmodern, contemporary, and avant garde, Switch Modern offers an amazing range of mirrors – all have a common denominator… your reflection will be contextualized within an extraordinary design.


Left photo: Eduard Samso’s Mirallmar mirror from 1991 features an assemblage of deconstructed reflective squares and is now considered an icon of postmodern design. Right photo: Jaime Hayon’s playful treatment of his 2016 King Kong mirror form “reflects” this designer’s burgeoning iconographic visual vocabulary. Chronologically separated by 25 years, both mirrors are manufactured by BD Barcelona, Spain.


Switch Modern shows nearly 20 different mirrors created by critically-acclaimed designers for Glas Italia, Italy. Left photo: Alessandro Mendini’s Lesena employs the schematic shape of a column. Right photo: Johanna Grawunder’s Color on Color mirror sports rectilinear fields of overlapping color.


Two striking floor mirrors from Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia – Kooh-I-Noor (left photo) and Paradox (right photo). Both leaning floor mirrors are characterized by their fabulously irregular perimeters – each functions on a highly sculptural level and will instantly become a focal point in any interior.


Some early 20th century classics – Antoni Gaudi’s iconic Calvet mirror (center photo) from 1902 is flanked by two 1927 designs by Eileen Gray – the Castellar mirror (left photo) manufactured by ClassiCon, Germany, is hinged so that the user can swing out the upper left square; the designer’s Satellite mirror (right photo) produced by Ecart International, France, sports an integrated light that can be rotated (and reflected) within the mirror. The clever features that Gray has integrated into these two mirrors are not only practical, they provide great visual interest.


Ren Standing Mirror (left photo) designed by Neri & Hu for Poltrona Frau, Italy, provides a luxe combination of materials – brass finish, saddle leather, and walnut. The Narcisse floor mirror (center photo) manufactured by Giorgetti, Italy, is another example of the sophisticated aesthetics achieved by combining the mirror’s reflective surface within a frame of bronze finish and solid canaletto wood. Marcel WandersDream Wall mirror (right photo) for Poliform infuses minimalism with grandeur through its large-scale leaning form.


Combining the effects of molded polycarbonate and the material’s inherent translucency, Kartell has created some remarkable mirrors. Ludovica + Roberto Palomba’s All Saints Mirror from 2013 is flanked by Philippe Starck’s Francois Ghost mirror (left) from 2004 and Only Me mirror (right) from 2012. Not only are all available in different sizes, all are available in clear/transparent as well as a range of translucent and opaque colors.

For more information on any of these extraordinary mirrors manufactured by Alessi, BD Barcelona, Bensen, ClassiCon, Driade, Edra, GAN Gandia Blasco, Giorgetti, Glas Italia, Haymann, Hive, Kartell, Kenneth Cobonpue, Moooi, Petite Friture, Poliform, Poltrona Frau, and Verpan, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Alessi + Sottsass: Iconic Design in the Late 1970s
By Roy Otwell
8/15/2017 1:38:00 PM  


Ettore Sottsass (1917 – 2007) would have turned 100 this year. In honor of this occasion, a number of museums and galleries have mounted retrospectives that explore Sottsass’ illustrious career over five decades as both an architect and product designer. Many of Sottsass’ designs are still in production for several manufacturers that Switch Modern represents – Alessi, BD Barcelona, Bitossi, Glas Italia, Kartell, and Zanotta. Throughout the remainder of the year, we thought our blog would be a great medium with which to explore various aspects of the objects developed for each of these brands. Today, we highlight the early part of Sottsass’ collaboration with Alessi in the late 1970s.

Along with several architects and designers in the 1970s – Franco Sargiani + Eija Helander, Alessandro Mendini, Richard Sapper, Riccardo Dalisi – Sottsass helped transform this Italian stainless steel manufacturer into Alberto Alessi’s vision of a “Design Factory.” While Sottsass started producing objects with Alessi in the 1970s, he continued to develop tabletop designs for Alessi in porcelain, wood, plastic, and metal throughout the 1980s and 1990s. His designs from the late 1970s are still in production today and are now considered icons.


1978: Sottsass develops an extraordinary range of tableware accessories – each piece like a small piece of architecture. The designer’s oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper shakers all feature a cylindrical form in thick, clear glass with caps in polished stainless steel akin to domes. In addition to the hugely popular 5070 set, Sottsass also created the 5071 parmesan cheese cellar and 5073 condiment set. Each of the components with each of these sets is also available separately – well-weighted cradle bases in polished stainless steel were developed for all of the sets allowing the user to easily move/present/place the group on a surface.


1979: In conjunction with Alberto Gozzi, Sottsass undertakes Alessi’s Programma 5 that carefully considers tools associated with preparing and serving cocktails, wine, and champagne. All of the resulting objects become some of the most popular barware pieces that Alessi produces. The forms of the various ice buckets are striking in their simplicity… the 5051 was designed for ice; the 5052 (available in two sizes) was designed to function as a wine or champagne cooler. While these can be used independently, they become uber-luxe when paired with the 5059 stand – a profoundly elegant piece that can be used adjacent to a table – moreover, in any interior where you would like to have easy access to an open bottle of champagne. Objects for the bar were also developed – the 5050 Boston cocktail shaker, 5053 strainer, 5054 stirrer, and 5055 ice tongs. Not only is each piece a beautiful object; each functions perfectly. The two-piece 5050 Boston shaker features a stainless base with a glass repository that is inverted to snugly fit within the base when shaking a cocktail. Using this piece is profoundly sensorial – not only does the transparent glass reveal the colors of the various liquors and mixers, the varying sounds of ice striking the stainless and glass creates a “symphony” in anticipation of that delicious libation. Bottle/drink coasters and a round tray in two sizes completed Programma 5.

We hope that you’ll check out all of the amazing Sottsass designs for Alessi that we show and stock in our Atlanta Alessi store – and, of course, all are also available at switchmodern.com. Stay tuned for additional blogs about Ettore Sottsass’ work for several other manufacturers.

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Fritz Hansen PK22 + PK61 Anniversary Edition
By Roy Otwell
7/5/2017 12:47:00 PM  


Poul Kjaerholm’s iconic PK22 lounge chair and PK61 coffee table recently celebrated their 60th anniversary. In honor of the occasion Danish manufacturer, Fritz Hansen, recontextualized these two iconic designs with a new frame finish, velvety leather, and Vetra marble.

Poul Kjaerholm (1929 – 1980) was trained as a cabinetmaker and continued his studies at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts. He had a particular interest in different construction materials – especially steel that he considered a natural material with the same inherent, creative exploratory value as other natural materials. Kaerholm began a collaboration with manufacturer Ejvind Kold Christensen in 1955 to produce his furniture designs – this lasted until the designer’s death in 1980. In 1982, Fritz Hansen took over the production and sales of the extant Kjaerholm Collection that had been developed from 1951 to 1967. Kjaerholm’s designs are in the permanent collection of numerous museums worldwide including New York’s Museum of Modern Art and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. The designer was also the recipient of several prestigious awards including the Grand Prix at the Milan Triennale in 1957 and 1960.



Kjaerholm’s iconic PK22 was first produced by E. Kold Christensen in 1956. In 1982, Danish manufacturer Fritz Hansen starting producing Kjaerholm’s furniture designs. In honor of the 60th anniversary of one of the designer’s most popular pieces, Fritz Hansen created a new finish for the brushed stainless steel frame that has been electroplated in a chic anthracite color. This frame cradles the seat and back expanses that have been rendered in Royal Nubuck leather. This silky and smooth material provides an exquisite surface with a subtle, velvet-like texture.



To accompany the special edition PK22, Fritz Hansen applied the same anthracite electroplate to the brushed stainless steel frame of the PK61 and paired It with an elegant deep gray stone with striking white veining – this much-coveted Petra marble originates from Persia and is relatively easy to maintain given its hard, durable surface and low absorption composition.


Each piece is marked with a special logo that Fritz Hansen developed for the 60th anniversary.

These special 60th anniversary pieces are not only available on our website, but can be experienced firsthand at Switch Modern’s Atlanta showroom. For more information about these special pieces or any of the Poul Kjaerholm Collection produced by Fritz Hansen, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Jaime Hayon @ Switch Modern Exhibition + Event 6/22/17
By Scott Reilly
6/28/2017 2:36:00 PM  

Switch Modern is delighted to present a pop-up exhibition of the work of much celebrated artist and designer Jaime Hayon! The exhibition features a range of designs – furniture, lighting, accessories – that Hayon had created for several European manufacturers over the past decade. Jaime Hayon @ Switch Modern includes over thirty of Hayon’s designs produced by &Tradition, Denmark; BD Barcelona, Spain; Fritz Hansen, Denmark; Moooi, Netherlands; Nanimarquina, Spain; and Wittmann, Austria.


Left photo: Jaime Hayon’s Vuelta high back lounge chair in dark blue velvet. Right photo: Hayon’s Vuleta sofa in mesmerizing Irish green velvet is paired with the designer’s sculptural and enigmatic Grain Cut table – both pieces are produced by Wittmann, Austria. Resting on the sofa is Hayon’s graphic, rectilinear pillow that was newly introduced by Danish manufacturer, Fritz Hansen – in the foreground is Hayon’s Formakami suspension lamp for &Tradition, Denmark. (photo credit: Stu Snider)

The Jaime Hayon @ Switch Modern exhibition opening included over 100 guests including a range of Switch Modern’s clients, industrial design students, as well as a number of special guests who traveled to Atlanta specifically to attend the opening reception. Our guest of honor was Jaime Hayon who was joined by his wife, Nienke Klunder, and two young sons. The Hayon family was in Atlanta for the opening of two major exhibitions at the High Museum of Art – Merry Go Zoo and Technicolor.


Left photo: This dramatic outdoor lounge chair created by Hayon in 2006 as part of the designer’s Showtime Collection for Spanish manufacturer, BD Barcelona. Next to the lounge chair is Hayon’s Elements 002 table – sporting playfully quirky, canted legs, the table is produced by Dutch manufacturer, Moooi. Mounted on the wall are two recently introduced examples of the Hayon x Nani rug collection produced by Nani Marquina, Spain. Right photo: The designer’s whimsical series of zoomorphic vases from BD Barcelona’s Showtime Collection. (photo credit: Stu Snider)

Jaime Hayon’s visit was just fabulous! In addition to signing a number of books and catalogues for guests (many of which even included drawings), he discussed his designs with attendees and even participated in an informal interview – a transcription of such will follow in an upcoming blog post. While the opening has happened, the Jaime Hayon @ Switch Modern exhibition will remain up through July 23. Switch Modern has even set up an impromptu “gift shop” that includes a number of Jaime Hayon’s accessory designs that are available for purchase.


Left photo: Switch Modern’s Doug Henderson introduces Jaime Hayon to the crowd – the pair are standing in front of Hayon’s recent Wings bed design for Austrian manufacturer, Wittmann. Right photo (from left to right): Doug Henderson, Co-Owner, Switch Modern; Jaime Hayon; Hartmut Roehrig, Wittmann; Roy Otwell, Co-Owner, Switch Modern. Mr. Roehrig traveled from Austria to attend the opening of the exhibition that includes several of Wittmann’s recently introduced designs by Jaime Hayon. (photo credit: Stu Snider)


Two of our guests flew in from New York for the evening. Left photo: Andrew Luke, Area Sales Manager – North America, Fritz Hansen, enjoys a conversation in front of one of Jaime Hayon’s new graphic and uber-luxurious throws produced by the Danish manufacturer, Fritz Hansen. Right photo: Ben Anicet, CEO North America, Nanimarquina, taking a selfie with Jaime Hayon in front of two hanging examples from the Spanish manufacturer’s new Hayon x Nani Collection of rugs. (photo credit: Stu Snider)


Left photo: Hartmut Roehrig, Wittmann, enjoys a conversation with architect Peter Drey and Jaime Hayon’s wife, Nienke Klunder. Hayon’s new reversible, graphic throw for Fritz Hansen is suspended in the background. Right photo: Jaime Hayon and Sarah Schleuning enjoy a conversation. Sarah is the decorative arts curator at the High Museum of Art and organized Hayon’s two recently-opened exhibitions – Merry Go Zoo and Technicolor. For each exhibition, the Museum commissioned pieces by Hayon that are now part of the High Museum’s permanent collection. (photo credit: Stu Snider)


Left photo: Marcia Weber of Gardens to Love enjoys a conversation with Atlanta architects, Cara Cummins and Jose Tavel of TaC Studios. Right photo: Bill Musso and Seth van den Bergh of Musso Design Group sharing a laugh. (photo credit: Stu Snider)


Left photo: Switch Modern team members, Tola Ogun, Chris Butler, and Elaine Lees having fun and enjoying an assortment of Spanish wines. Right photo: Switch Modern’s Guillermo Vargas talking to Wittmann’s Managing Director, Hartmut Roehrig. Not only does the exhibition include a number of Wittmann pieces designed by Jaime Hayon, Switch Modern also recently received some fabulous Wittmann pieces by several other designers – Josef Hoffmann, Marco Dessi, Jorg Boner, and the design team of Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner. (photo credit: Stu Snider)


Left photo: Included in the exhibition is Hayon’s Lounger from 2009 manufactured by BD Barcelona, Spain – this extraordinarily comfortable lounge chair design even swivels. Right photo: A select group of Hayon’s new accessory range for Fritz Hansen that includes (from left to right) the Ikebana vase, tealight holder, candleholders in two sizes, as well as a triple candelabra. All of these accessories are in well-weighted, beautifully finished brushed brass – several combine glass. The juxtaposition of the materials is just extraordinary! Ikebana is spectacular and allows for sophisticated arrangements of flowers. Above these accessories are two examples of the designer’s Formakami lamps for &Tradition. Available in three shapes, these suspension lamps are composed of hand-crafted soft white rice paper and punctuated with collars in black-stained oak – each version features a distinct upper form that culminates in a truncated sphere. (photo credit: Stu Snider)


Left photo: Exhibition opening guests including some recent graduates of Georgia Tech’s College of Design including (from left to right) Colin Noronha, Paul Reynolds, Sebastian Garcia, Switch Modern’s very own Regan O’Connell, Russ Kroll, Hannah McCord, and Alyssa Mellett. Right photo: Noronha and Mellett enjoy a conversation in front of two examples of Jaime Hayon’s new rug collection for Nanimarquina. (photo credit: Stu Snider)


Left photo: Suzuko Hisata, Formation Design Group, and Greg Walker, Houser Walker Architecture, sharing a laugh. Right photo: Suzanne Cornell and Switch Modern’s Nekayah Snider having some fun. Suzanne’s firm, Cornell Munzer, represents Austrian manufacturer Wittmann in North America. Snider is responsible for outside sales at Switch Modern handling inquiries and orders from a plethora of architecture and design firms throughout the US that specify many of Switch Modern’s brands for use in commercial projects. (photo credit: Stu Snider)


Left photo: Ben Anicet of Nanimarquina chatting with Manuel Mestre. Manuel is the US Managing Director for Santa & Cole Lighting and was here earlier in the month for an event at which Santa & Cole’s Nina Masó and Nina Ordeig unveiled several of the Spanish firm’s new designs that were recently shown at Milan’s Euroluce. Right photo: Liz Lapidus, Liz Lapidus Public Relations, enjoys a conversation with Switch Modern’s Roy Otwell – undoubtedly discussing yet another one of Switch Modern’s upcoming events – there are some great ones on the horizon! (photo credit: Stu Snider)


Left photo: Roy Otwell, Switch Modern; Suzanne Cornell, Cornell Munzer; and Jaime Hayon. Right photo: Shawn and Ed Alshut of A2 Studio Architecture discussing the exhibition. (photo credit: Stu Snider)


Left photo: Seth van den Bergh of Musso Design Group engaged in a conversation with Atlanta-based designer, Chris Hardy. Hardy has recently created pieces for Fontana Arte, Buzzispace, and DWR. Right photo: Another great shot of the Switch Modern team… Regan O’Connell, Robyn Jackson, and Roy Otwell. (photo credit: Stu Snider)


In addition to helping organize the exhibition with Roy Otwell, Switch Modern’s Regan O’Connell also conducted an informal interview with Jaime Hayon during the event. A transcription of O’Connell’s questions and Hayon’s answers will be available in an upcoming blog post. (photo credit: Stu Snider)

Switch Modern shows a substantive collection of Jaime Hayon’s designs both online and in our Atlanta showroom – many of the pieces are now also available through our Quick Ship Program. As part of celebrating the exhibition, please enjoy a 10% discount on all online orders through July 23 – simply use coupon code 10JAIME when prompted at checkout and the discount will be applied before your order is submitted. For more information about Jaime Hayon @ Switch Modern or any of the designs including our exhibition, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Jaime Hayon Wittmann Wings Bed
By Regan
6/21/2017 1:11:00 PM  


Jaime Hayon’s Wings bed for Wittmann, Austria, just arrived this week at our Atlanta showroom – it’s spectacular! In fact, several pieces from the Hayon Wittmann Workshop Collection are now in the showroom. We have all been admiring these pieces and we thought that it would be great to share some thoughts about the collection and the Wings bed from both Wittmann’s Managing Director, Hartmut Roehrig, as well as designer, Jaime Hayon.

According to Roehrig, “More than ever, it is essential for companies to be on the lookout for an external impulse and work together with contemporary personalities – in the current project, with the designer Jaime Hayon. The objective of this project was to develop a new collection which emphasizes but also subtly alters the identity of Wittmann. Jaime Hayon has succeeded with his designs to communicate cheerfulness and confidence – almost playfully. Whether art, architecture, or design – all of his designs show a keen sense for that necessary touch of extravagance without sacrificing precision. Under the working title Hayon Wittmann Workshop, a product line has been created that is characterized by lightness and a certain sense of buoyancy. His designs, however, are still very recognizable Wittmann – timelessly elegant with perfect craftsmanship and highly practical.”


Wittmann takes sleep seriously. As with all of the Austrian manufacturer’s beds, the Wings bed is available in several American sizes. Wittmann also produces exquisite mattresses and bedding accessories – all available à la carte– to accompany their beds.

Wittmann: We have been producing beds for decades but this is your first bed design; can you tell us about your approach to this design?

Jaime Hayon: The first thing I’d say about the bed is that I approached it as a system, not in the accepted bed design sense of standard sizes or inbuilt storage, or in an architectural, dimensional kind of way. To be honest I knew that Wittmann were world class experts in that area so I was free to not even think about the dimensions but more about the bed as a total concept, not the modularity but to ask myself what are all the elements that I want to access when I am in bed. How can they be arranged in such a way that reaching for them is intuitive and comfortable as well as innovative if possible. I asked myself what do I want in my own bed. Hmmm, well always a glass of water nearby, my phone, good light to read by, total comfort and support for my back, privacy so that I can watch something or rad while maybe my wife is sleeping. Then I added in my experience for creating hotel rooms. For those rooms there are so many elements to do with cost and practicality for the cleaners to have access. For square footage and for how it fits the room, I reversed that approach and instead of starting with the bed I started with the bar that rises from the back. It was an elegant solution to contain the electricity and the mechanics to make our system come together. I thought of it as a tree with many branches – some of them weight bearing and others reaching out to the light – a combination of safe haven and cocoon that not only provides a protective shelter but also opens outwardly. The beauty of it is that more things can be added. Right now there is a table for example that is mobile but maybe in the future it’s a tray that extends, or a small seat. In the flexibility and possibilities, I think we have created something quite unique. It can be placed in the center of the room as statement piece or against a wall if that’s more practical - it’s very clever in that way.


Left photo: A detail of the signature “ear” associated with the Wings bed. Right photo: Hayon’s Vuelta low back lounge chairs with Grain Cut table. The Hayon Wittmann Workshop Collection is characterized by the designer’s signature curves.

Wittmann: Can you tell us about the “ears”?

Jaime Hayon: The ears act as a doorway to the bed as well as, of course, bringing a touch of humor as you should try to go to bed happy! On a more serious note, though, they reflect the same curvature you see expressed across the whole Hayon Wittmann Workshop Collection. One of the things that is important in the visual language of design and architecture is geometry and how it affects our way of experiencing things. There is a real visual comfort in the repetition of certain angles – it’s very mathematical, in fact. In this collection we repeated the same circular edge, the same radius each time. It is balanced across each piece. Balance is everything – whether it’s the balance of empty space or the repetition of one shape next to another, a sense of symmetry and order is crucial. You see it in architecture all the time and the geometry is perhaps the most important element of the collection as a whole but one that is in many ways invisible yet nonetheless makes an enormous subliminal and visual impact. If the Vuelta chair is in the same room as the bed it might not be immediately obvious but what you are experiencing when you see them together is the visual comfort of the geometry. If I had changed the radius of the curve or added a sharp angle in one piece and not the other, it would disrupt the order and the sense of balance so it’s a subtle but crucial element.


The Hayon Wittmann Workshop Collection includes a number of pieces – seating, surfaces, shelving, and a bed. This photo illustrates the Vuelta lounge chairs – low back and high back – as well as the Vuelta sofa that is available in several sizes. In the center of this grouping is the elegant DD Table that features a juxtaposition of luxe materials – marble, leather, and bronze.

Switch Modern shows all of the Hayon Wittmann Workshop Collection on line as well as a number of pieces in our Atlanta showroom – all of which are being included in our upcoming pop-up exhibition entitled, Jaime Hayon @ Switch Modern. In addition to the furniture developed for Wittmann, the exhibition will also include Hayon’s designs for several other European manufacturers – &Tradition, BD Barcelona, Fritz Hansen, Moooi, and Nani Marquina. Switch Modern’s exhibition will be presented in our showroom from June 23 through July 23 with an opening reception on the evening of June 22 – we are delighted that Jaime Hayon will be in attendance. If you would like to join us, please click here for an invitation in order to RSVP. For more information about Jaime Hayon’s designs for Fritz Hansen, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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Jaime Hayon Fritz Hansen Accessories
By David
6/19/2017 2:32:00 PM  


Jaime Hayon has created a luxe collection of accessories for Fritz Hansen – vases, throws, pillows, candleholders, and a tray. These were introduced in 2016 and 2017 and beautifully complement his growing collection of furniture designs for this Danish manufacturer. Illustrated here is the designer’s Ikebana vase – a sophisticated combination of brushed brass and glass through which the user can individually arrange blooms that are supported upright. The floating plane visually bisects the stems – the lower stem is further objectified through the transparency of the glass and water. Ikebana is available in two sizes.


Just fabulous! Hayon’s much loved figural graphics lend themselves beautifully to this luxurious, decorative reversible woven throw. An extraordinarily comfortable piece that will add a soft spot of whimsy and color to any surface. Illustrated here in two colorways – black/gold (taupe) and blue. Each sports a different composition.


Left photo: This rectilinear pillow features Hayon’s graphics in a palette of blues and ochre yellows. Right photo: This clever, expressive serving tray sports signature “ear” tabs on the perimeter; it also functions as a caddy with its central columnar handle – available in gray colored ash wood.



Through his accessories for Fritz Hansen, Hayon explores a striking juxtaposition of materials. Upper left photo illustrates the two sizes of single candleholder in well-weighted brushed brass – this series is also available in a triple candleholder as well as a tea light. Right side images show the two sizes of bulbous vase; each features a smoked glass repository that rests within a wood cradle – the random striations of the cedar wood create a pattern that is ultimately unique to each piece.


With the exception of the decorative pillow, all of the Jaime Hayon accessories for Fritz Hansen include a beautifully crafted gift box. The left side photo illustrates the range of packaging – the candleholders are even presented in cylindrical boxes with tab pulls on their respective lids.

Switch Modern shows and stocks all of Jaime Hayon’s accessories for Fritz Hansen – all of which are being included in our upcoming pop-up exhibition entitled, Jaime Hayon @ Switch Modern. In addition to the accessories developed for Fritz Hansen, the exhibition will also include Hayon’s designs for several other European manufacturers - &Tradition, BD Barcelona, Moooi, Nani Marquina, and Wittmann. Switch Modern’s exhibition will be presented in our showroom from June 23 through July 23 with an opening reception on the evening of June 22 – we are delighted that Jaime Hayon will be in attendance. If you would like to join us, please click here for an invitation in order to RSVP. For more information about Jaime Hayon’s designs for Fritz Hansen, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com

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