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Kartell: Roy Stool or Table
By Tola
5/31/2017 4:05:00 PM  



Created by Italian design maestro, Alessandro Mendini, the Roy stool or table was recently introduced by Kartell and is now in production. Roy’s fabulously bulbous, drum-shaped form exudes playfulness, yet it’s also a practical and flexible piece that can be used both indoors and outside. Its slightly concave top makes it comfortable for use a stool yet it can also do double duty as an impromptu surface.


The Roy stool or table is available in five different colors – black, white, petrol green, powder pink, and blue. The curved perimeter of the form features a “patchwork” assemblage of polyhedral areas that highlight various arrangements of dots and lines that were inspired by the Pop Art paintings of Roy Lichtenstein.


Left image: 2015 sketch by Alessandro Mendini of his Roy stool design. Right images: Detail of the Roy stool’s top is a circular field of zagged lines – its top is slightly concave providing additional comfort for the sitter.

For more information about the Roy table, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at info@switchmodern.com.


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Moooi: New in 2017
By Elaine
5/30/2017 4:21:00 PM  


Switch Modern just added some exciting new furniture designs from Moooi, Netherlands – the Amami sofa and pouf, as well as the Charleston and Jackson lounge chairs. All were recently shown to critical acclaim at Milan’s 2017 Salone del Mobile where Moooi presented its installation, A Life Extraordinary – “creative luxury for a well curated life; innovative, provocative and poetic at the same time."


Characterized by their generous use of fringe, Lorenza Bozzoli has created the Amami sofa and matching Amami pouf as part of Moooi’s recent introductions. Upholstered in a choice of blue as well as dark or light gray velvet, Amami’s spectacular fringe exudes softness as it cascades around the upholstered perimeter with a complementary gradient colorway as it approaches the floor. This decorative fringe provides an unexpected levity and playfulness to both the sofa and pouf designs.


So engaging! Marcel Wanders has quite literally upended the classic Chesterfield sofa by presenting its form vertically at a slight cant where the rolled armrest has become the seat and the user is dramatically engulfed within a luxe, capitonné expanse. The designer’s Charleston lounge chair is supported by a short columnar base that culminates in a dramatic disc footprint..


Wanders’ Jackson chair features an exaggerated, thin profile back that thoroughly recontextualizes the swivel lounge chair form in unexpectedly fabulous ways – the sitter’s upper body is beautifully “framed” by Jackson’s back. Available in a number of upholstery options including the embroidered leather back version that is illustrated here. The Jackson lounge chair also includes an optional matching footrest.

For more information on these new Moooi designs along with their respective available upholstery options and finishes, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at info@switchmodern.com.


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Alessi Sale: Ends 5/29 – 20% Off + Free Shipping + Free Gift
By David
5/26/2017 10:27:00 AM  


Alessi Sale… thru 5/29 all Alessi designs* are discounted 20% - both in store and at switchmodern.com – all orders receive complimentary shipping; orders over $100 also receive a free gift. This photo illustrates (from left to right) some of Alessi’s now iconic designs from the 20th and 21st centuries – Starck Juicy Salif (1990), Graves Bird Kettle (1985), Sottsass Condiment Set (1978), Sapper Todo Cheese Grater (2004), Graves Pepper Mill (1988), Giovannoni Fruit Mama (1993), Campana Brothers Blow Up Basket (2004), Sapper 9090 Espresso Maker (1979), and Giovannoni Mami Stockpot (1999).

Switch Modern’s Alessi Memorial Day promotional sale continues through Monday, May 29. During the sale, all Alessi designs* have been discounted 20% - both at switchmodern.com and within our Alessi Store in Atlanta. All orders will receive complimentary shipping; all orders shipped outside of Georgia are tax free; orders over $100 will also receive a free Marcel Wanders design reusable tote bag. Switch Modern’s Alessi selections are so extensive we’ve actually divided the brand into several categories online – Alessi, Alessi 2017 Spring/Summer, Coffee and Tea, Dinnerware, Flatware, Glassware, and Holiday. Looking for something specific? Want to check current stock? Feel free to give us a call at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at alessi@switchmodern.com.


With all orders over $100 placed thru 5/29, you will receive a free reusable plasticized Alessi tote bag with a design by Marcel Wanders. The tote’s panels are stitched together as are its integrated black handles. Each large panel of the tote has an engaging image of a snail wearing pearls (left image); each side panel sports a black and white graphic (right image). The tote bag measures 15” width x 8” depth x 13” height when fully opened. This will be included (folded) within your order’s parcel..

Remember… the Alessi sale ends Monday evening. Lock into your 20% discount by placing your online order before midnight on Monday, May 29. Interested in learning more about Switch Modern’s Alessi Store in Atlanta and our extensive selection of Alessi designs, please click here.

* excludes limited editions, flatware, and silver.

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BD Barcelona: Sideboard or Sculpture… Perhaps Both
By Scott Reilly
5/25/2017 8:31:00 AM  


Dreams cabinet, Christian Zuzunaga, BD Barcelona, Spain, 2015.

The recent arrival of Christian Zuzunaga’s Dreams credenza at Switch Modern’s Atlanta showroom has been a visual catalyst for prompting a number of conversations about what actually constitutes concealed storage and what functions as sculpture… are these sentiments mutually exclusive? We think not.

What is a sideboard? Historically, its function has been as a cabinet that is typically placed within a dining room. Early examples were simple rectilinear forms for storage that included an expansive horizontal surface providing a place for presenting and preparing food – pragmatically, this surface was often composed of stone that would function like a trivet for hot dishes and pots. By the late Middle Ages, this expanse had also started to do double-duty as a surface for displaying decorative plates and vessels.


This illuminated manuscript from the mid 15th century illustrates a sideboard being used as a surface as well as for presenting decorative objects like vessels and plates. As the sideboard’s function was changing, so was the way in which the surfaces of its form were both treated and expressed. By the Renaissance, the sideboard had become a vehicle for elaborate and ornately carved exterior decoration.

Fast forward to the 20th century throughout which the sideboard or credenza form mirrored the numerous salient styles of modernism and was now also rendered in a number of materials other than wood – Bauhaus tubular steel from the 1920s, exuberant yet streamlined Art Deco patterned veneers from the 1930s, clean lines and forms by midcentury, new materials like plastic and lucite in the 1960s and 1970s, and the enigmatic composite forms and patterned laminates associated with the Memphis movement in the 1980s. It was at this point that the sideboard’s visually expressed form began to overtly blur the lines between functional storage repository and sculpture.


Composite photo illustrating various sideboards throughout the 20th century. Clockwise from the left: Art Deco sideboard from the 1930s; Florence Knoll’s midcentury credenza with marble top from the early 1960s; Raymond Loewy’s DF-2000 cabinet with space-age plastic veneered doors from the late 1960s; Tartar sideboard designed by Ettore Sottsass in the 1980s for Memphis.

As with its 20th century precedents, sideboard design in the 21st century continues to challenge preconceived notions of both the function and aesthetics of this time-honored typology. In order to better illustrate this range of “sideboard as sculpture,” we’ve included Dreams along with three other contemporary sideboard designs produced by Spanish manufacturer, BD Barcelona. Designs by Jaime Hayon (Showtime Multileg, 2006), Antoine + Manuel (Tout Va Bien, 2009), and Doshi Levien (Shanty, 2014) all meet the functional expectations of a sideboard or credenza, yet each has been infused with a range of unexpected and engaging aesthetics.


The Dreams sideboard/credenza sports a pixelated, digital age aesthetic available in color as well as monochromatic, grayscale versions with black or white as the ascendant colorway.

Dreams does function masterfully as a sideboard/credenza by providing both concealed storage and an expansive horizontal surface, yet it also functions as a highly aesthetic object – indeed, much like a sculpture. Its front doors, sides, and surface expanse all sport an integrated tempered glass veneer that has been screen-printed with an exuberant geometric arrangement of exaggerated multi-color pixels. It’s also available in a monochromatic, grayscale version… either quite literally denotes a digital age aesthetic.


Tout Va Bien, Antoine + Manuel, BD Barcelona, 2009. Illustrated here as a long, horizontally-oriented sideboard; the design can also be configured as a small two-door cabinet. There is wonderful flexibility in customizing the design through panel selection and respective order as well as the combination and arrangement of the sideboard’s sculptural legs.

The much-celebrated French artist duo of Antoine + Manuel (Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz) met in Paris while attending art school and have developed a unique graphic style that combines hand drawing, computer illustration, photography, and typography. They created their first piece of furniture, Tout Va Bien (quite literally translated from French as “all is well”), in 2009 for BD Barcelona. Akin to some of the decorative credenzas from the 15th century, the artists have created a visual narrative that is presented within various levels of relief on the side and door panels – even one of the top panels. While channeling the relief aesthetic of ancient, medieval, and Renaissance art, Antoine + Manuel have imbued these with a profoundly engaging and enigmatic iconography.


Composite photo illustrating door details from Antoine + Manuel’s Tout Va Bien. A viewer literally sees something new from virtually every angle of this piece – truncated pyramids in various depths, complex architecture with an unexpected abstracted cat or dog waiting near a door, schematic landscapes that include clouds and even a cactus – one discovers something new every time. The reliefs have been organized within a rectilinear form and homogenized into a single monochromatic color of black or white akin to a Louise Nevelson Constructivist sculpture.


Tout Va Bien is also available as a vertically-oriented cabinet; either version is available in a choice of black or white finish. The intricate compositions for the doors and side panels are composed of injection-molded polyurethane that has been combined with a wood substrate.


Shanty, Doshi Levien, BD Barcelona, 2014. Illustrated here with a matching wall-mounted modular mirror system that mimics the outline of Shanty’s undulating façade.

Doshi Levien’s Shanty for BD Barcelona was imagined as a patchwork of corrugated surfaces that reference the ephemeral “shanty” dwellings from Brazil, Africa, and India. Shanty celebrates the inherent structural beauty of these seemingly temporary constructions. The credenza’s corrugated façade is presented as a composition of different colored surfaces that conceals a carefully considered storage volume. The form itself is asymmetric and every door opens in a distinct way. The Shanty collection is available in several different versions and finishes creating colorful or monochromatic combinations. The sideboard can also be presented with a wall-mounted mirror system that allows for different compositions and mimics the outline of Shanty’s form.


Clockwise from left: Detail of the distinct ways in which Shanty’s drawers and doors open; designers’ color-blocked sketch of Shanty; urban landscape with the ubiquitous corrugated metal that was the inspiration for Doshi Levien’s Shanty design for BD Barcelona.


Showtime Multileg sideboard, Jaime Hayon, BD Barcelona, 2006. Available as a modular two-door container with four legs, Showtime can be configured in several lengths as well as a vertically-oriented cabinet. As part of configuring the sideboard, the user may also select the combination and arrangement of underside supports from a choice of twelve different leg styles as illustrated in this six-door Showtime Multileg sideboard.

With Jaime Hayon’s Showtime Multileg sideboard, it’s truly all about the legs. Each underside vertical support (several are variations on a thick spindle) are all different from each other – when presented together, they create a visual symphony of ornate volume that collectively supports a minimalist, rectilinear container. Showtime is available in several horizontal lengths as well as a vertically-oriented cabinet. Since its introduction, Showtime Multileg has been available in several lacquer finishes as well as walnut; the sideboard’s top has options that include glass and marble.


Showtime can be configured internally with shelves and drawers including those with specialized functions like this bottle repository.

All of the aforementioned sideboards not only function beautifully as concealed storage cabinets, each also functions as an uber-aesthetic, visually engaging object – instantly becoming the focal point of any interior in which it is placed. Most also provide a high level of customization that allows the user to determine the resulting aesthetic and function through their respective personalization of the available options. Please drop by Switch Modern’s Atlanta showroom to experience the Dreams credenza firsthand or contact us at info@switchmodern.com or 404-605-0196 about exploring the numerous examples of “storage as sculpture” that are available through BD Barcelona as well as a number of other manufacturers that Switch Modern represents.

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Moooi Heracleum Light
By Doug Henderson
5/24/2017 10:30:00 AM  


This remarkable lighting design is truly an example of the intersection of technology and art. Designed by Bertjan Pot in 2010, the Heracleum lamp has quickly become one of the most popular suspension lamps that Switch Modern shows. According to the lamp’s designer, “I had this idea of where a bundle of stick-like branches are split then split again ending up like leaves on the end of a branch.” Pot’s inspiration for the form came from nature – the ubiquitous Heracleum plant often referred to as cow parsnip or hogweed. Dutch manufacturer, Moooi, now produces several versions of this lighting design – Heracelum II, a single suspension version in two sizes; the aforementioned Heracleum Big O in two sizes; and Heracleum Endless, a linear, modular version.


Left photo: Detail of Heracleum’s illuminated “branch” in a nickel finish. In order to achieve this novel aesthetic, the designer credits fellow designer, Marcel Wanders, with developing the technology to enable it. Referred to as “Electrosandwich,” this patented process powers the LEDs directly through layers of conductive material within the frame itself. Right photo: The designer’s inspiration for the series of Heracleum suspension lamps was the eponymous plant.


Some candid shots taken in Switch Modern’s showroom of the Heracleum Big O (left side and center photo) and Heracleum II (right side photo) suspension lamps (credit: switchmodern.com). If you are in Atlanta or traveling through, please drop by to experience these remarkable fixtures in person.


Introduced in 2014, the Heracleum Endless suspension fixture was designed to be modular – a singular element is just under 46” in length and can be combined with additional elements to create dramatic installations. Each element contains 45 dimmable LED lights.


All Heracleum lamps are available with a choice of nickel (left photo) or copper (right photo) finish for the fixture’s “branches.”


Photos illustrating interiors using the Heracleum II lamp – this was the designer’s first version of the lamp and was introduced in 2010. Available in two sizes – the smaller contains 45 dimmable LED lights; the larger version contains a total of 63. All Heracleum suspension lamps are UL approved making them ideal for both commercial and residential applications.

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Minotti Sample Sale
By Roy Otwell
5/23/2017 12:20:00 PM  


This group of furniture manufactured by Minotti includes the Andersen three-seat sofa, a pair of Aston lounge chairs, and examples of the Kirk Cross coffee and Kirk Cross side tables – all pieces were designed by Rodolfo Dordoni; all are included in Switch Modern’s Minotti sample sale.

As part of Switch Modern’s regular rotation of pieces from our Atlanta showroom floor, we have added 20 pieces of Minotti as floor samples – sofas, sectionals, side tables, coffee tables, dining and lounge chairs, and loose pillows/cushions. All of these Minotti designs are discounted at least 35% from their regular price. Click here to check out the special Minotti sample sale section on our website. For more information about any of these pieces, please contact us at info@switchmodern.com or call us at 404-605-0196.

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Alessi Forma Cheese Grater
By Scott Reilly
5/22/2017 7:49:00 AM  


Left photo: The Forma cheese grater designed by Zaha Hadid for Alessi’s 2017 Spring/Summer Collection. Right photo: Detail of each side of the removable polished stainless steel grater. The cradle and grater become a fabulously enigmatic sculpture for any surface.

Referred to as the “queen of the curve,” Zaha Hadid’s architectural designs were infused with an eye-popping expressiveness the likes of which had no historic aesthetic precedent. Known for her statement sculptural buildings around the world, she had collaborated with a few manufacturing firms to create home furnishings objects – Sawaya & Moroni, B&B Italia, Established & Sons, Alessi – her projects with the latter produced several objects yet left two projects in development with her unexpected passing last year. According to Alberto Alessi, “the first is this cheese grater, which is so beautifully ‘Hadidian’ as to not require comment.” We absolutely agree! It’s like a small piece of architecture for the table. Hadid’s Forma cheese grater was inspired by the natural formation of pebbles eroded by the water and sand. It features a polished stainless grater that rests within a base cradle composed of matte black melamine. Its asymmetrical arrangement of holes is not only visually engaging, it allows the cheese to be grated and sprinkled unevenly providing an atypical texture to any dish.


Left photo: The Forma cheese grater cradles a chunk of parmesan cheese; simply remove the stainless portion to grate cheese and sprinkle cheese directly over a dish. Right photo: Portrait of Zaha Hadid (credit: Alessi)

The Forma cheese grater is one of several new exciting designs that are part of Alessi’s 2017 Spring/Summer Collection. Switch Modern has recently created a new section of our website that now highlights Alessi’s seasonal collections. We have already received several of these 2017 designs and are still awaiting others. And, remember… all of these new pieces are included in our 20% off Alessi Sale – a great opportunity to reserve yours now and lock into the special sale price.

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Alessi Sale: 20% Off Thru 5/29 + Free Shipping + Gift
By Robyn
5/18/2017 1:12:00 PM  


The exterior of Switch Modern’s Alessi Store in Atlanta. Thru 5/29 all Alessi designs are discounted 20% - both in store and at switchmodern.com – all orders receive complimentary shipping; orders over $100 also receive a free gift.

Alessi and Switch Modern are having a Memorial Day promotional sale – everything Alessi on our website and in our Atlanta Alessi Store is 20% off from 5/19 thru 5/29*. And, speaking about our Alessi Store, we thought that we would share some photos of this beautiful space. Alessi @ Switch Modern is how Alessi refers to its retail partners that have committed to an Alessi-branded space that includes proprietary fixtures, signage, as well as a separate entrance. While Switch Modern has been selling Alessi since 2009 and shortly thereafter became an Alessi Shop-In-Shop, a recent move to our new 25,000 square foot space in Atlanta’s trendy West Midtown Design District prompted a substantial commitment to presenting this venerable Italian brand. Owners Roy Otwell and Doug Henderson collaborated with Alessi’s North American Director, Paolo Cravedi, to develop this Alessi-branded store for Atlanta. Cravedi remarked that "Alessi has six branded stores in the United States… three Alessi flagships locations in New York and San Francisco; three Alessi stores in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and San Juan. Alessi @ Switch Modern is the only one in the Southeast."


Left photo: The Alessi store at Switch Modern (Alessi @ Switch Modern) features floating illumination, polished concrete floors, and proprietary Alessi-branded fixtures designed by Stefano Giovannoni. The vertical fixtures are organized around a central plateau with risers that provide flexible elevations for the objects. Right photo: A recessed modular display similarly provides transparent display surfaces that create visual levity for the various designs.


Left photo: David Peterson, Alessi Store Manager (left) and Paolo Cravedi, Director, Alessi North America (right) during Mr. Cravedi’s recent visit to Atlanta. Right photo: Illuminated Alessi logo signs and a recessed corner fixture designed by Stefano Giovannoni. The space planning and lay out of fixtures for the Alessi store was engineered by Alessi at the manufacturer’s headquarters north of Milan.

The resulting space features hundreds of Alessi designs displayed on or within fixtures that were specifically designed by Stefano Giovannoni. Switch Modern not only displays Alessi in its physical space, but shows the entire line on its website. Many Alessi pieces are in stock and ready to ship (Switch Modern has thousands of Alessi pieces in our stockroom). Whether it’s a popular tea kettle design by Michael Graves or Richard Sapper or a flatware service for 12 by Achille Castiglioni or Jasper Morrison, Switch Modern probably has it in stock. If we don’t … it’s typically just 10 – 14 business days away as Switch Modern gets priority inventory fulfillment from Italy. And, as new pieces become available through Alessi’s seasonal collections, orders from Switch Modern are similarly given priority. Looking for a hard-to-find piece, we often archive important Alessi collector’s pieces when they are discontinued and no longer in production.


Left photo: Additional Alessi-branded fixtures designed by Stefano Giovannoni. Right photo: A detail of the identification labels and signage provided by Alessi that includes information about a designer or a particular range of objects.


With all orders over $100 placed thru 5/29, you will receive a free reusable plasticized Alessi tote bag with a design by Marcel Wanders. The tote’s panels are stitched together as are its integrated black handles. Each large panel of the tote has an engaging image of a snail wearing pearls (left image); each side panel sports a black and white graphic (right image). The tote bag measures 15” width x 8” depth x 13” height when fully opened. This will be included (folded) within your order’s parcel.

Switch Modern’s Alessi selections are so extensive we’ve actually divided the brand into several categories online – Alessi, Alessi 2017 Spring/Summer, Coffee and Tea, Dinnerware, Flatware, Glassware, and Holiday. Thru 5/29, all prices have been adjusted on the website to reflect the 20% discount. All orders outside of Georgia ship tax free; shipping is complimentary on all orders. In addition to free shipping, orders over $100 also receive a free Marcel Wanders design reusable tote bag. Looking for something specific? Want to check current stock? Feel free to give us a call at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at alessi@switchmodern.com

* excludes limited editions, flatware, and silver

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Giorgetti Move Chair + Hug Chair
By Elaine
5/17/2017 3:39:00 PM  


Referring to her Move chair design for Giorgetti, Rosella Pugliatti notes, “Its design doesn't simulate nature but interprets it. The idea behind Move is in the organic shapes that wood takes in nature and in the study of geometry in the dynamics of solid bodies.”

Introduced in 2014, Giorgetti’s Move rocking armchair is expertly crafted from thirty pieces of solid ash wood and owes its remarkable complexity to a double curved, closed framework. The inner cradle supports the integrated seat and backrest; the outer cradle not only supports the aforementioned, but provides the structural dynamic enabling the chair’s movement. Inner and outer cradles are connected where they gently nestle each other at the lowermost section of the frame’s form. The structural levity of the form is visually conveyed through the designer’s expert manipulation of the wood – essentially presenting cradle as sculpture.


Pugliatti’s Hug chair was introduced by Giorgetti in 2013. Like the Move rocking chair, it is also characterized by the designer’s sensuous use of wood to create its frame/cradle.

Pugliatti was clearly inspired by the midcentury work of Ico Parisi – this celebrated Italian designer also expertly manipulated wood within his pieces to create engaging, sinuous sculptural forms. In addition to Move, Pugilatti also created the Hug lounge chair for Giorgetti that features a luxe seating expanse that both cradles the sitter within a beautifully curved, integrated wooden structure – metaphorically, where the form is “hugged” by the wood. The cradle’s slender meandering form provides a sensual juxtaposition to Hug’s plump, upholstered seat and back – this provides marked visual punctuation to Hug’s generous use of upholstery and its associated texture.

Switch Modern presents both of these extraordinarily sculptural chairs along with a number of designs by Giorgetti on our website; Hug can also be experienced firsthand in our Atlanta showroom. For more information on either piece along with available upholstery options and finishes, please contact us at 404-605-0196 or e-mail us at info@switchmodern.com

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Kartell Componibili: A Design Icon
By Guillermo
5/16/2017 2:43:00 PM  


This photo illustrates the current production range of Kartell Componibili – short and tall square units (the latter with optional doors) as well as the varying diameters and heights of the cylindrical Componibili. For the larger modular containers, optional castors allow the resulting configuration to become mobile.

The 50th anniversary celebration of the Kartell Componibili has prompted Switch Modern to take a look back at this iconic design created by Anna Castelli Ferrieri. Designed as modular storage containers that simply stack/nest within each other where the consumer ultimately determines the resulting aesthetic and function of the form based upon the number of like elements purchased.

Componibili was introduced in 1967 – these were square forms with rounded corners with one of the form’s four sides open. There were two heights available; the larger version could even be outfitted with an optional hinged door. On the underside of each container are four holes into which castors can be snuggly fit in order to make a single piece or stacked group mobile. A lid was developed that can be used to create a surface atop any of the modular pieces – a single piece or a group.

A profoundly clever design, the square Componibili could be stacked in clever and engaging ways – the use of different colors and orientations of container openings only added to the visual interest of assembling these modular elements. These were originally available in several colors – white, black, yellow, red, and orange. By the early 1970s, green and brown were available. And, as Kartell at this time was actually manufactured under license in different parts of the world, vivid colors like lime green and purple were available in Australia; neutral colors like mushroom/taupe and gray emerged in the United States. By the late 1980s, Kartell had pulled back its production to Italy and, over the ensuing decades, the color selection has been narrowed to continuously-produced white.


Left photo: vintage large round Componibili assemblages using the tall and short heights in lime green and purple were produced under license by Advanced Industries, Australia (credit: Jet Age). Right photo: a tall and short unit stacked together in a taupe color were produced under license in the United States by Beylerian (credit: Etsy).

Given the popularity and acclaim of the square version, Componibili’s cyndrical cousin was introduced in 1969. Affectionately known as “Round Ups” in the United States, their drum-like shape sports a curved door with decorative cut-out hole allowing these to be easily slid open with one’s finger – the door gliding along an integrated interior perimeter track. These were available in two sizes – 12” and 16” diameter respectively. The smaller version was originally available as a modular element – today these are seamed together in stacks of two or three with an integrated lid are popular in a bathroom, as bedside tables, or as impromptu storage next to a desk.


Left photo: A Bloomingdale’s model room installation from the 1970s employs the large round Componibili in the short and tall heights shown in saturated red forming “towers” of escalating heights. Right photo: An original group of four small yellow Componibili that have been stacked with a lid. The earlier version of the smaller element design allowed for these to be purchased separately. Today this size is available as a “seamed” assemblage of a two-stack or three-stack of elements – each version with an integrated lid.

The larger 16” diameter element was available in two heights allowing a range of possibilities for function. Like the earlier square elements, the round Componibili could also be outfitted with optional castors. Again, with color selection, varying sizes, as well as doors that could be removed and placed within different containers (for example, with the purchase of an orange and red unit, a user could swap out the doors in each to create interesting arrangements with blocks of color). These large containers are now available in white as well as a matte silver finish that was introduced in 2000. Throughout the 21st century, Kartell has created special edition colors for the smaller diameter two-stack and three-stack Componibili that have included black and red, as well as metallic finishes of gold, copper, and silver.

Over the years, customers have created remarkable aesthetics using the Kartell Componibili as a building block. Two stacked square Componibili with a lid and a material like cork or thin profile stone cut to nest within the lid thoroughly changes the look of the piece creating a textural juxtaposition.


A total of 28 Kartell Componibili large round containers were used to create four “towers” that provide concealed storage in this space. (credit: switchmodern.com)

Kartell Componibili are usually seen stacked in heights that correlate with the height of a table or desk surface. However, the form when stacked five, six, or even seven high becomes an engaging tower. This “skyscraper” aesthetic was popularized through a Bloomingdale’s model room in the early 1970s. This similar way of stacking as a façade of storage towers is illustrated in this Atlanta apartment with the large matte silver Componibili – these towers are over 9 feet tall.


Left photo : A single large tub in matte silver with lid functions as an impromptu table/surface adjacent to a Zanotta Sacco chair (credit: switchmodern.com). Right photo: The smaller two-stack and three-stack Componibili in the luxe metallic finishes of chrome and gold.

Anna Castelli Ferrieri’s Componibili design characterized the flexibility of designs in 1960s and 1970s whereby the user purchased elements and created a resulting object where function and aesthetic were ultimately determined by the assemblage of the purchased elements.


This photo was taken at the Kartell stand at the 1969 Salone del Mobile and features many of Kartell’s most popular designers and their respective designs from the 1960s. From left to right, Olaf von Bohr holding a single shelf from his modular shelving system (1969); Giottino Stoppino holding a single table from his Model 4905/6/7 set of three nesting tables (1968); Ignazio Gardella with the base of his Model 4993 dining table (1966); Joe Colombo holding his Model 4867 chair (1967); Anna Castelli Ferrieri clutching an example of her Model 4970 short square Componibili with castors (1967); Alberto Rosselli holding the leg of one of his occasional tables (1967); and Gino Columbini holding an example of the designer’s ubiquitous cylindrical containers used as wastebaskets and umbrella stands (1966).

To read more about the special tribute Kartell has created in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Componibili, please click here. Switch Modern presents all versions of the Componibili within our Kartell Flagship store in Atlanta. Please contact us at 404-605-0196 or info@switchmodern.com to review the plethora of configurable options available with this iconic modular design.

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